Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Too Legit : Etsy Faves

I'm still trying to process my thoughts on the Boston Marathon so let's engage in some fluff shall we?

I've been loving a lot of things on Etsy lately. My most favorite thing right now is this
But in white.

I already have the perfect place for it.
I love my custom silhouettes, but my brain can't handle the even number of things on the wall. I would hang the hello sign above them. It's the first wall you see walking into my office so I think it's a cute, friendly greeting for my co-workers.

I'm also in love with this print.
Isn't it funny? This speaks straight to my '90's loving heart.

I wish B had a proper man cave and not just the garage 'cause I would get this in a heartbeat. Except, I think this is the only colors it comes in and I'd want different ones.

And, I don't even like yellow but I would get this in a hot second.
 20 years later (20 years!) I still love this movie. And I still love me some Benny.

 What's even cooler is they even have an acrylic sign version in their store. If only I had a place to put it.....

Funny side note, my boyfriend before B was Filipino and I don't think he'd ever seen the movie. Naturally, he didn't understand why I'd say this all the time so one time in a huff he responded, "Why do you say that all the time? You're killing me, Bigs!" and then I died laughing. And then we broke up shortly after.

Apparently this Etsy store is my fave 'cause everything I shared today is from the same store. I've found so many cool things lately, maybe next week I'll share some toys.

Speaking of Etsy, I changed my shop name, check it out.

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  1. Second blog post I've read today that referenced that movie . . . which I don't think I've ever seen. YIKES! I love these things, though, especially the 2 Legit print. HA! Takes me back to jumping on my friend Michelle's trampoline in her back yard while singing that. :)

  2. Awesome Etsy finds! I think the Hello sign would look great in your office above the bambinos pictures. I think I want one for my office too :) Oh and I LOVE the Too Legit sign. I want that for my home, I love the 90's!

  3. You dated a filipino?! :) ha i loved that story.

    YES! You NEED that hello sign above your amazing silhouettes. SO CUTE!!!

    and the new shop name? makes my heart flutter. It's perfect for you <3


  4. Hahahaha I loved that movie too!! And I had a crush on that guy too! I also love that you added "we broke up shortly after that" like that was an event that led to the break up. hahaha.

  5. Gah I LOVE that movie! Can't wait til Braden's old enough for some Sandlot!


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