Monday, April 22, 2013

MixxedFit Certified!

Saturday the biggest thing we did was go to B's first softball game. The rain and Bug's fits cut our time short but we couldn't let B have his first game without showing up!

It was cute 'cause every time Peanut saw the ball he'd say "Baseballs," (for some reason everything is plural right now,) and every time the fans slapped he'd put throw his whale or car behind him and clap too. He's Daddy's #1 fan :)

Eventually, Bug wanted out and there was no way I was about to chase two toddlers around so Bug ended up doing this limbo move more than once to try and get under the stroller bar. The 3rd time he did it, I finally decided it was time to go home. It was sprinkling anyway.

I didn't share this on the blog last week, but I got MixxedFit certified yesterday. MixxedFit was invented by my Zumba instructor who listened to her student's needs and started incorporating toning into her classes. It's not Latin-inspired at all, so it's not as difficult as Zumba can be and we dance to popular songs. Being certified means that after I pass an audition I can teach MixxedFit.

Since I've only been attending classes since February and had to take three weeks off when we had the dreaded cold, I don't really have plans to try and teach in the near future, but it would be fun to know I could if I wanted to. There's a round of auditions in May but I'm not sure I'm going to go.  What I wouldn't mind doing is assisting classes at the studio I go to. I'm not sure I'm confident enough to actually teach classes yet :)

For me, it was more about just putting myself out there and doing something for me. I have HUGE rejection issues and I've never done anything where I thought I could be rejected or fail. But yesterday I attended class, put myself out there and started conversations with people I'd never talked to before. I'm pretty proud of that alone.

Yesterday I also took a really cute video of Peanut, but Youtube was taking for.ev.ver to load so I'll share it tomorrow.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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  1. Good for you--I'm proud! I had no idea you were even doing this. It's important to do things just for you, huh?


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