Friday, April 26, 2013


"Don't be alarmed," were the first words I heard when I picked up the phone Wednesday afternoon. Immediately, my stomach dropped.

"I might need to take Peanut to the doctor, we were playing in the bouncy house and he hurt his arm. Now he won't move it and whimpers whenever I  try and touch it," Boyfriend explained.

Never having to take the Bambinos to an unscheduled Dr. visit, I wasn't sure if we could just show up so I told B I'd call the pediatrician and find out if we needed to go to the doctor, urgent care or the ER.

The receptionist I talked to said she'd have a nurse call me back, after what felt like forever and with thoughts of a tiny cast or sling in my future, the nurse finally called and said yes, he needed to come in.

I called B who already had everything ready and just needed to pack up the Bambinos and told him to head to the Ped's office. Our normal one wasn't in so we'd be seeing a different one and I'd meet them there.

I didn't hit too much traffic so I arrived maybe 10 minutes after they did; walking into the lobby was one of the saddest sites I've ever seen. Peanut was sitting  in B's lap with his right arm draped over B's and a pained look on his face. He didn't even greet me with his usual happy, Mama!" Bug was running back and forth between the two big fish tanks running commentary in his high, little voice.

Sadly, B talks with his hands so I had to keep reminding him to not move his arm the slightest bit because each time he did Peanut would wince. Not being able to take my baby in my arms was the hardest thing, I just wanted to scoop him up and protect him.

When we were finally called back to the exam room, the nurse asked a few questions and said most likely Peanut's elbow was dislocated. Apparently it's really easy to do because little kid's bones don't have the balls on the end like ours and it's actually really common.
Trying to distract him with the bead toy. Look at his poor right arm resting on B's.
As the nurse walked out of the room, Bug wanted to follow so the doctor was greeted by Bug laying on the floor having just finished a mini fit because he wanted to go back to the fish.

After asking what happened, the doctor agreed that most likely his elbow was dislocated so he moved it just two times and it popped back in. Peanut cried and the doctor explained that he wouldn't realize he could move it yet, but as soon as he did the doc would know his diagnoses was correct and we could all leave.

He moved his hand just a tiny bit to which B said that's more than Peanut'd been moving it for a while. Not even two minutes later, I asked Peanut if he wanted to go to Mama, he reached his arms out for me, and we were all relieved to know that he was better. B passed him to me and my little Bambino rested his head on my shoulder and gave me the biggest hug. As I squeezed my little Peanut, I was so glad the whole ordeal was over.

Even though I wasn't even there when it happened, I kind of, not completely, blamed myself for the whole thing. You know why? 'Cause just that morning I was telling a co-worker that I wanted to build up my savings account because I knew that eventually I'd have to take one of them to the emergency room. I know it's not my fault, but the memory of our conversation earlier did pop in my head really quick.

To celebrate his bravery, I treated them to mini Blizzards (and myself to one too! I tried the chocolate covered pretzel one and it was de.lish.ious) And then B went to softball practice. 

I'm happy to report that Peanut is perfectly fine. Wednesday night you wouldn't even know that just hours before his elbow was dislocated. And yesterday we did a lot of playing in the bouncy house and back yard.
sneak peak of a post for next week :)
I know that this is the first of probably many unexpected injuries, but I hope this is the worst of them. It's so tough having to helplessly stand by and watch your child in pain. As a parent you want to hold and protect them and promise them everything will be ok. It's hell when you can't.

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  1. Awe...poor Peanut. The same thing happened to my daughter twice. She is now five and believe to have grown out of that phase. Did they call it a "nurse maid's elbow"? Regardless, I am glad that he is pain free!

  2. Kids are SO resilient! This sort of thing happens all the time - don't feel bad. Injury wise I've only had to take Braden in once when he wouldn't weight-bear on his right leg when he was a toddler, no stitches or broken bones....yet!

  3. Poor little guy. :( Robbie got stitches before he was a year old from falling while he was holding onto the coffee table and biting through his lip (he has always been a WILD child) and I was a complete wreck. I knew he would be fine, but I was still hysterical on the way to the ER (it happened on a saturday night when his pediatricians office was closed). I was even more frustrated when I took him to his 9 month appointment 2 days later and the pediatrician said they shouldn't have given him stitches at all...that babies heal REALLY quickly and stitches near the mouth never stay in (and sure enough they had come out by then). So then I felt bad that he went through all that for nothing! Ugh! ALL that to say, I understand how traumatizing it can be when our little ones get hurt. I'm glad it was such an easy fix for little Peanut. :) Boys...I'm sure there are many years of injuries ahead! Lol.


  4. He is so cute, even with his pained face. I am SO RELIEVED he's okay. I can't imagine what getting that call was like and then having to wait on a call back form your ped.

    It's so scary, wanting to always protect them.

    Thank-you for posting about this because now I know it's "common" and it might help me freak out less if something similar should happen.


  5. Oh my, that breaks my heart!! I'm so happy Peanut is feeling better!! It's awful that they are at the age where I juries are going to happen!! Darn boys! Lol!

  6. My niece had this too, some kids are just more prone to it than others. My niece LOVED to run off in public places or try to drag us to look at things, and we had to learn to grab her by her upper arm instead of her hand so her elbow wouldn't dislocate. You are lucky it happened when the pediatrician was open! This probably won't be the last injury your boys will experience, but you guys handled this one like pros. You can handle whatever life throws at you.


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