Friday, April 19, 2013

Straight Out The Bambinos Mouth Vol. 2

It's no secret that I think I have the cutest Bambinos ever. A few people at work had kids after me so they'll ask about the stages the Bambinos are in and I always describe this one as "fun." Part of what makes it so fun is the things they say.

Every weekend I make a simple breakfast like pancakes or waffles or something. On Saturday, B made small, lemon cupcakes which both Bambinos loved. So Sunday morning when I asked, "Do you want pancakes for breakfast?" Both Bambinos got excited and replied, "Cupcakes!"

Sunday afternoon, I was weeding the front yard when I went in for a drink. As I sat on the front porch taking a break, both Bambinos  decided to sit with me while B weeded. Our neighbor, Chuck, and his wife came home and started talking to B. Suddenly Peanut points at Chuck and yells, "A Man!" with great conviction. I'm not sure why I was embarrassed, maybe because I could see him pointing out awkward traits in people down the road but he kept doing it and I kept trying to explain, "Yeah, that's Chuck, say 'Hi' to Chuck." Then he turned cute and pointed at me saying, "Mamas," and pointed at B saying, "Dadas." Like he was trying to tell Chuck who we were.
Wednesday I had my yearly exam. (Ick!) I stopped by our house real quick because my sister was coming with me, so I wasn't bored in the car (nice sister) and needed to drop her car off. As we were leaving, Peanut started to cry, so NeeNee (my sister) said we could bring him. B thought it would be weird taking one and not the other so we took Bug too. As I was carrying him toward the doctor's office, suddenly I realized he was saying "Ah! Oooh, a purple," as we passed the purple flowers, then as we came upon some tulips he said, "Ah! Ohhh, a yewwow. Ah! Oooh, a red." His little intake of breath each time was what got me smiling. It's so fun exploring the world again through the wonderment of a child. They haven't yet learned to take anything for granted. I love that.

Bug says everything in such a soft, high-pitched voice I miss half of what he says most of the time. I really need to make a concerted effort not to talk to anyone while I'm carrying him so I catch all of what he says. He's quite funny if you actually listen.

Yesterday Boyfriend was DJing an event and I attended so my sister was at our house watching the Bambinos. I got a text from her that said B was in the bedroom after taking a shower. Running after B into the bedroom, Bug was saying, "Come back here my Daddy....come back here.....come back here...Hey! Come back." The love that child has for his daddy is un.real.

And I might of teared up a tiny bit reading her text.

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