Friday, April 5, 2013

Lindsay Lately: Easter

This week has been hell. Seriously. I thought these last two weeks were crazy busy and then I got hit by that nasty sickness going around. Yesterday marked the one week mark and I'm still not feeling much better. Poor B, I've been so worthless around the house but luckily he's being understanding about it.

So, let's catch up on the last week, ok?

Friday of last week, mine and B's one year winning streak came to an end as we placed 2nd in our work's deviled egg contest. We were beat by one point!

Friday night, B and I watched a co-worker perform comedy at a small bar not too far away.

It was...ok. I already wasn't feeling well, but I was determined to  go because we so rarely get nights out. According to the co-worker, the show was probably one of the worst ones he'd had - people just weren't into laughing apparently. And the headliner was stoned. Really stoned. It was kind of awkward.  But this did happen.

First Gretchen and now Chris? Both within a month of each other. It  weirds me out when "celebrities" tweet me back.
I've been trying to take pictures without flash. My pictures don't look much better.
Saturday we dyed Easter Eggs and then attended a birthday party where Peanut had his first meltdown at somebody's house. It was kind of embarrassing but luckily Dawn has two boys so she completely understood. This is the 2nd very public meltdown Peanut's had. what is happening to my sweet, innocent child?! Oh yeah, he has a personality.

Sunday I was super excited to have family over and throw a little Easter Party....and then I got sick. I was so bummed. We still had family over, but B had to do all the cooking.
My children would grab a Hot Wheels out of their baskets and then leave everything else untouched until hours later.

While B cooked the food, the Bambinos and I got to enjoy the bouncy house again.

At one point, Bug was jumping up and down saying, "Thump, thump!"

 Oh how I love his little lisp!

Little did I know, Peanut was starting not to feel well too. He laid in the bouncy house for a good 30 minutes which I, of course, thought was adorable, but come Monday morning I realized it was the first sign of him being sick. After dinner we had an Easter Egg hunt which was pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

I filled the eggs with Hot Wheels and just a few Starburst Jelly Beans then placed them around the yard and fence line. Most of the eggs were super easy to find (laying in the middle of our grass) but the Bambinos found the more difficult ones first!

Once they realized the eggs had Jelly Beans in them, they'd bring an egg over to me and say, "Beans?" (Or "Beantthh," in Bug's case.)

Sunday night, when it was ready for bed, Peanut had me dying laughing. He loves to sit behind the couch cushion. Every time I said, "C'mon Peanut, it's time for bed." He'd duck down behind the cushion like I couldn't see him! Silly boy :)

Monday morning I decided to skip work because I still wasn't feeling well and it's a good thing I did because Peanut ended up with a fever and my cough. Monday morning was spent watching Bubble Guppies. As if I needed further proof of my boy geniuses, Bug would say, "A b! Buh....buh. B!" every time the word Bubble came on the screen.

Eventually they found the plastic eggs and again brought them to me one by one. I opened the eggs to be met with disappointed faces as the Bambinos asked, "Beans?" when they glanced down to empty eggs. I may have bought more Jelly Beans on clearance just because I think it's so cute to watch them ask for them.

Thankfully, Peanut is pretty much on the mend. He doesn't have a fever anymore, thank goodness but I still feel like poop. Now if only both of us could get rid of our coughs - they're nasty ones.

How was your Easter? I feel so out of the loop, this cold has just wiped me out. I'm seriously considering the flu shot next year.

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  1. Sorry you aren't feeling well!! I have to say that this has been my favorite Easter recap I have read all week. Your boys are so adorable.

  2. Oh my word, their little outfits are so cute! I love the cardigans. :) I don't blame them for loving Starburst jelly beans....they're the best! Robbie loved hunting for eggs, which surprised me. I didn't think he would know what to do. Kids make holidays so much fun. Hope you all feel better soon!


  3. Oh my gosh these little faces are too much. The cheeks! The cute little outfits! I can't get enough! And I'm loving the pictures from the bouncy house. When I saw them, I thought, those are the pictures they are going to love when they grow up...seeing themselves having such a good time with their mom. Even if they don't remember the actual event, they will know from looking at the pictures how much fun they had.


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