Monday, April 8, 2013

2nd Child Syndrome

I already worry that my poor Bug, at only 2 minutes younger than Peanut, suffers from 2nd child syndrome.

This morning, Bug finally caught the dreaded crud that Peanut and I had all last week. My precious baby woke up with flaming pink cheeks and a 102 fever.

What did I do?

Give him Tylenol, lots of kisses and headed into work.

And then I agonized over that decision. 

This is not the first time I've taken off work because Peanut was sick but didn't when Bug was sick. Does that make me a bad mom who's playing favorites? Sometimes I feel like it although in no way do I actually have a favorite.

 In all honesty, the only reason I was off work last week at all was because I was sick and it just so happened that's the day Peanut got the crud.

 If I hadn't already taken some time off last week, I absolutely would have taken the day off today. But, I also knew I had an interview for an intern and three new people were coming in to fill out their paperwork. And, I'm trying not to take too many days off early in the year so that I can take the Bambinos to the ocean for a week in the fall.

It doesn't make my decision any easier.

There are other ways in which Bug gets treated like the 2nd child: when Peanut's playing the Kindle, he's very good at recognizing his letters, numbers and doing puzzles. We make a big to-do about our boy genius.

Bug is not as interested in these things, his talents lie more in things that we can't as easily praise: figuring out how things work, playing with his cars and toys, etc. We try and tell both of them, "You're so smart!" as often as we can, but Peanut just makes it easier on us.

Peanut is going through a super picky phase so he gets praised a ton when he actually eats what we're eating. We make a big deal about Bug eating what we're eating but partly so that Peanut will pick up on what Brother's doing and want to do it too.

Unfortunately, Bug just happens to do some things AFTER Peanut. He crawled after, he walked after (although his army crawl was faster than Peanut's walk) and apparently he always gets sick after. I try to make a big deal of his achievements too, but I think sometimes I just can't. 

Bug is much less the needy child, the dramatic child or the one who throws fits and cries so I feel like he sometimes gets the shaft when it comes to praise of our other boy genius.

But, have I ever told you how ridiculously funny Bug is? He's perfectly content playing by himself a lot of the time, but he's constantly talking in his sweetly, high-pitched voice. If you take the time to just sit and listen to what he says, it's hilarious and often involves the phrase, "Hey wook! A _____." or "Oh no! Wook out! Ahhhhh! Hey!......" or, my least favorite, "What the?!" <- font="">Thank his dad for that one!

Each of my children bring something unique and fun to our family dynamic, I just hope that Bug doesn't actually grow up feeling like the 2nd child.
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  1. Reading this was like being in my home with our twins. O was born 1 minute after C and sometimes it seems like he is the younger brother. He is the one that is more physical and less likely to do the brainy stuff. C is more brainy but is also more pushy so gets more iPad time and stuff.

    We try to give them each individual time with everything, buts it's hard when I work. I totally understand how tough it is.

  2. Please send videos of the boys--it's been too long since I've heard them talk! Or maybe you post them on your other blog which I often forget to check.

  3. awww.. he's so cute though!! Just came across your blog, excited to catch up on the rest of your posts! :)



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