Friday, March 8, 2013

Straight Out The Bambinos Mouth

Last week, my employee/friend (T & K's mom from the birthday party) gave the Bambinos a toy laptop that her girls didn't need. It's aimed for 4-7 year-olds so it's entirely too old for them still but they like turning it on and off, and pushing the buttons and stuff.

Bug was playing with the laptop when Peanut came over to check it out. After Bug repeatedly trying to  push Peanut out of the way, I finally said, "Bug, share with your brother please."

He paused.

Looking down at his hand he handed Peanut the Hot Wheels he was holding.

And then tried pushing him away again.

I tried not to laugh but that child is pretty inventive.

 Wednesday morning  I was getting Bug dressed as Peanut looked on from his crib. Peanut looked over the edge and pointed to the car in Bug's bed, "Purples."

From his perch on the changing table where I was putting on his shirt, "Oh yes, I have a purple car," came Bug's longest sentence ever.


Wednesday morning Peanut was looking out the window saying, "Bueds." Right away, I knew he was saying "birds."

Then he kept saying "Gwats." That one took a little longer to get. My mom kept repeating what he was saying to herself so she could try and figure out what it sounded like.

"Grass?" I asked.
"Gwats." He replied.
This went on for awhile.

Finally, I figured it out! "Clouds?" He flashed a big smile and responded, "And Tweezies."

Oh my little ghetto baby calling trees, "Tweezies."


Most of you have seen this on Instagram already, but I came back from Zumba Wednesday night and found this when I went in to use the bathroom.
At 4:30 when B got up for work, I told him, "Go look at the other toilet."
"Why, is it broken?" he asked dreading the thought of fixing a toilet at 4:30am.
"No, it's funny," and I passed back out.

A few minutes later, he came back into the room, "He was savin' them."
"It's his parking garage," and again I was out.
He told me this morning at first he thought I was talking in my sleep. 

Never even considering Peanut could have put them there, we both just knew it was Bug.

I know I've said this before, but this talking stage is so fun!


  1. I love the cars on the toilet! So funny. I also love your ghetto baby and tweezies. Haha! The other day my 2-year old kept saying "baby dolphins" at dinner. Like, 15 times in a row. We were like, ok, his older brother is really into sea animals, let's talk about baby dolphins. This went on for three meals before I realized he was saying paper towels. Oops!

  2. New follower here! I'm going to have to hunt down old posts & find out how old your boys are! This seriously sounds like a day in the life at our house with my 2.5-year-old! I'm constantly having to decode what she's saying, but I LOVE this stage. It's so fun to be able to have conversations with her. :)

    -- Emily @

  3. How cute! It is so awesome when they start talking a lot!
    Love the cars on the toilet. A sure sign you have kids!

  4. new follower! your little boys are too cute, the parking garage is hilarious! thanks for sharing!

    - Allison @


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