Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life IS Delicious!

I'm back bootches! I didn't really intend to take all last week off from blogging, but I was kind of uninspired and was in one of those phases where I wonder if I'm just writing to crickets. Luckily, Jessica snapped me out of it. Also, we're planning a concert in May at work so last week was kind of nuts getting ready for the big announcement.I kept meaning to blog, but just never got around to it. I even meant to blog yesterday on my lunch break. Oops!

So what have I been up to?

1. We've done a lot of train playing.
2. Peanut kills me. This picture reminds me of Miss Lippy. In the morning when I'm doing my makeup, they like to come check out what I'm doing. I'm not quite as fun as Daddy, but I usually take a minute to tickle them with my makeup brushes.
3. OB.SESSED. I've been making silhouettes for my office.I think I'm going to start offering some in my shop.
4. I did a little texting with Micaela about the mug I got her for her birthday. Life is delicious! Such a good reminder:)

Saturday we celebrated my oldest friend's birthday. We've known each other since we were 12! Sadly, the last time I saw him was my birthday a few years ago.

This last week has been busy, but fun. How have all of you been? Catch me up!

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  1. My boys love to play with my makeup brushes, it drives my husband crazy, but I think its kind of funny!

  2. I love texting with you! :) You seriously made my day with that mug. Such a great motto <3 It is my favorite mug for coffee these mornings, and I always think of you and smile.

    I can't get enough of your boys. Their sleeping positions always make me giggle on instagram. How in the world are they comfortable? :) so funny.

    YAY on the silhouettes. Such a great job Lindsay and I am glad you are adding them to your Etsy. When Felix gets a little older, I'll have to get another one and I am def. coming to you.

    How great is Jessica?! Her little girl has got the best curls EVER! V is just precious. How I wish we could all have a play date.



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