Monday, March 25, 2013

Bounce House, Easter Bunny & Park

What a low key weekend we had! For once, we didn't have a lot of places to go so our weekend was filled with things we wanted to do.
In the bottom picture he's copying B and dancing. I just love when he does that. And his little face!
After months of me trying to convince B we needed a trampoline, we bought the Bambinos a bouncy house for their birthday. It was finally warm enough to break it out for a little while so that's pretty much what we did on Saturday until it got too chilly for them and we had to corral them back inside. I think Peanut would have played in it all day had we let him.

Sunday after B's softball practice, we took them to see the Easter Bunny.
Since they're still kind of scared of mascots, we made it a family picture. Peanut was being so cute sitting on my lap. He wiggled over so he wasn't too close to the bunny, but he was giggling at the girls trying to distract him and get him to look at them. He's a little flirt that one is. It's crazy how much older they look compared to last year.

After the Easter Bunny, we decided to go to the park, it was such a nice day.
 The park we go to is perfect because it's right by our house and there's usually not anyone else there. It's a little boy's dream.
There are sildes to play on, swings to swing on, picnic tables to drive cars on, rocks to pick up and as they're giving to dad they say, "Big, big, small," there's even an orange cone to explore!

The top right picture cracks me up. They remind me so much of little ducklings or of Abbey Road.

After the park, neither one of us felt like cooking so we went to Doofers. Bug was cracking us up because they each had a phone or Kindle to play with but Peanut wasn't too interested in his Kindle so B was letting him use his phone. We look over and Bug is sprawled out on the table trying to watch B's phone even though my phone was playing the exact same thing! I did my best to stop him but the servers were way too busy and both boys were very antsy.

Overall, I'd say we had a great weekend filled with things we did because we wanted to, and sometimes those are the best kinds of weekends.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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  1. Your boys are such muffins and that Easter Bunny is not near as scary as the one in my mall!

    Sounds like a good weekend! I'm following you on Bloglovin now, too!

  2. Love that you all took a family pic with the bunny- too cute!!

  3. Oh so cute!! I love that you opted for a bouncy house! What a blast! Loved the pics!

  4. Fun weekend! I can't get over how nice it's been lately!! We have a tiny bonce house too and sometimes blow it up inside the house. Haha!

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  6. A bounce is a great thing. We got together the family and had an awesome time skipping and chuckling together. It may appear like basic fun, yet there is a great deal more to it. Did you realize that? jumping is gainful to the safe framework. .

  7. My daughter has a birthday coming up and has been asking about a bounce houses. I will check them out. Thanks!


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