Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weightless Wednesday: Progress

Sorry, this isn't a post where I'm going to show you photos mainly because I haven't taken any yet.

But I will share my good news:

As of Monday, I've lost 7 pounds! That's pretty good for only 4 weeks of eating healthier and working out.

5 more pounds brings me to pre-baby weight.

I know I keep saying that this is more about how I feel than look, but it's nice to see the numbers on my scale go down too.

I told my sister the other day that I want to look like a Nike ad.
This may be too extreme....
Don't doubt me, it'll happen - eventually. I'll take their beautifully bronzed skin too, thanks!

Ok, so I know I won't ever look exactly like a Nike ad since I can't photoshop what everyone sees when they look at me, but I'm determined to get super toned legs because if I remember right even when I was dancing & cheerleading they weren't super toned.

As it turns out, when I googled Nike ads I didn't actually see anyone I wanted to look like, so how about I want to look like a Self Magazine ad instead? Those women look toned without being too muscular, and thin without being skinny.

I want to feel strong!

That's my goal.

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  1. 7 lbs is a lot--so exciting! Good for you for sticking with it! Unfortunately I just go up and down and up and down, both with my weight and with healthy eating. I like healthy food and I eat a lot of vegetables, but I also like pizza and burritos (and, um, wine). I was getting better about exercising regularly but then I got sick and it hit twice in a row, so I'm sort of off the wagon, but I plan to get back on it very soon! I need to look good in a bathing suit before our trip to France this summer. I'm happy for you--yay for progress and dedication!


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