Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weightless Wednesday Pinterest Style

I shared with you my goal to get fit on Monday. There's a few key things I keep reminding myself which I think is helping my mental state this time.

I need to up my water intake anyway so this is helping.It's also helping me through cravings although (so far) I haven't had as many as I thought I would.

 Now I'm loving the time I spend working out, but the first two days I reminded myself of this as soon as I woke up and I repeat this is my head anytime I notice myself half-assing squats. It keeps me going.

And I keep reminding myself

I want to see instantaneous results. I think that's part of why I gave up the last times I started working out - I wasn't seeing as drastic results as soon as I wanted to. I will say that I can see a little change in the muscle tone in my outer thighs, but that's about it right now.

I'm not going to give up. I want this.

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  1. I know i work out - and then want to look in the mirror and be super ripped - hahaha. not realistic.. so glad you are loving working out.

  2. I think seeing any sort of change this early is really exciting! You're doing great & I'm really proud of your dedication. I have fallen off the bandwagon the past week or so because of my injury and stomach bug, but I'm almost ready to get back at it. I'm the opposite of you: my legs get toned first and my stomach and arms are definitely the slowest. It's frustrating waiting to see progress, but I know it's worth it. :)

  3. It sucked coming home from my month stay at my family's for the holiday and seeing the scale go up ten pounds from what I had lost :( I mean i knew I was going to gain (and happily-- i have missed my Mama's cooking!) but 10 pounds?! ugh. I mean I can't be too hard because I did need to eat more to gain my milk intake back to where it was (as i texted you about when I was sick) but still. TEN POUNDS. I went back ten pounds and it is SO hard to lose it.

    I've added another hour pilates class to my weekly workout and try. Since it has gotten warmer, I've just started taking the babe out on a daily walk for 30 minutes. It's easy to get lazy (esp. since our neighborhood is SUPER hilly and those uphill walks are killer) but I just have to remind myself that every little helps and most of all-- it's good for Felix to get fresh air and a nap (she never naps but tends to on our walks).

    THANK-YOU for the added inspiration. Especially the water one. Since I am a stay-at-home Mama I can't tell you how many times I snack out of boredom.


  4. Have you tried using My Fitness Pal (via website or app)? It is free and it really helps you keep track of your calories, exercise, weight loss, etc. It has helped me lose 15 pounds so far. If you sign up, friend me (rascalatkins) and we can motivate each other.


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