Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weightless Wednesday: In All Fairness....

I have a major problem with wanting things to be fair - even if I'm the one who would be coming out on top.

This is great when it affects my employees or my family but not so great when it has to do with food. Too often, I would find myself eating half a dessert I'm sharing with someone even if I didn't want it because it was only fair we each get half. I would find myself eating a cookie because Boyfriend ate one and I want to make sure I get at least one before they were all gone.

Now here's where I show you how crazy I am: I have to eat things in even numbers. That's not crazy, but the reason why is. 

I remember laying on our couch when I was about two years old playing with my hands and feet. The right one was the good one and the left was the bad. Then, I decided it wasn't fair for my left hand to be the bad one because it would feel left out. Ever since then, I ate things in pairs because I didn't want the other ones to feel left out. I was afraid they'd be sad without their pair. I couldn't eat just three tiny cookies, I had to have four.

As I got older, I didn't think about pairs and whether or not they felt left out, but the habit of eating even numbers of things stuck with me causing me to overeat at times. I don't count how many bites I'm taking or anything crazy like that, but in fairness to myself and my health, I'm trying to break myself of the habit of eating in pairs. Or if I really have to, only eating one pair of something rather than two.

Please tell me I'm not the only crazy one who does this....I promise I don't hear voices in my head or anything.

Edit: I don't eat everything in pairs. Eating two steaks, two baked potatoes, etc. is just weird. I only eat small things like crackers, cookies, clementines, grapes, strawberries.....
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  1. Growing up, I was OBSESSED with fairness. Coming from a large family, that made me pretty miserable a lot of the time since things just cant be fair all the time. I am much more easy going now.

  2. Good for you for making changes! I do not have this habit...I just struggle with overeating in general.
    Now your newest follower after clicking over from the GFC blog hop.

  3. I've never been like that with food, but when I was a kid I remember thinking that my old clothes were sad anytime I got something new b/c I wouldn't be wearing them as much. My problem is overeating period. Good Luck!

  4. You have 500 followers! Yay!

    So funny and actually pretty sweet about fairness and not wanting anything to feel left out. :) I'm actually kind of impressed you count enough to eat in pairs--I wish I ate in pairs (or had any idea how many I was eating) when it came to certain things, ha!

    While I don't eat in pairs, I do have some issues around even numbers--can't stand for the radio or tv volume to be on an odd number.

  5. That's so funny!! I was talking to my coworkers one day at work about food, and I always take grapes as a snack. I have to have an even number of grapes, and eat them two at a time one on either side of my mouth. They thought I was nuts!! At least I'm not the only one! Lol!

  6. I definitely have been obsessed with fairness in my life... I think it's partially a first born thing. We always want everything to be fair because we don't want the younger ones getting things we didn't get!


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