Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

I say this pretty much every month, but the Bambinos are getting more and more fun. Not one day goes by that they don't crack Boyfriend and me up.

They're starting to talk and say short sentences, Bug's favorite is, "Oh man!" They respond when we ask them questions - usually with a matter of fact, "Nope," from Peanut but by far the best thing they do is give kisses.

Saturday night, Boyfriend and I were playing with the Bambinos in their room after getting them ready for bed. I was asking Bug for a kiss, asked him to give Daddy one and then I said, "Go give brother a kiss."

He walked over to the bookshelf where Peanut was standing, bent his knees to reach Peanut's mouth and tried to give him a kiss while Peanut giggled in his face.

So sweet.

It was the cutest thing I've ever seen from them.

How can your heart not be full after that?

B wanted to read them a book because he said, "You got to last night," (how cute is that?) so I obliged but as he read to them, all I could hear over the monitor was giggles.

B has a habit of doing voices and faces causing them to laugh a ton when reading books so I gently opened the door not to interrupt what they were doing.

"It wasn't me! I told Bug to give Peanut a kiss and now they keep looking at each other and laughing," B quickly explained as if he were getting in trouble.

Their cribs are literally end to end so they were leaning a little over the ends, laughing their little heads off.

I watched the scene for a few minutes, said some more, "I love you's," blew some more kisses and shut the door thinking how lucky I am to have these three people in my life.

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  1. Its so easy for me to picture the kisses between your boys and how full your heart gets to watch how they love each other and see them begin to develop a true bond and friendship. I melt every time my girls hug each other and I thank God that they have each other for if nothing else I pray for them (all three of my girls) to grow up to be close. One of the big things I feared when finding out it was twins is that they would be resentful or jealous or compete against each other so to foster a love between them is a huge priority for me. Your boys are so darn cute- secretly makes me want a little boy :) but I'll just settle for living vicariously through your blog since our house is pretty full these days!

  2. What a beautiful story, Linds. I'm so happy you shared it. You have three wonderful men in your life and they are just as fortunate to have you in theirs. I love watching you with your sons. You are an incredible mom who takes her role as a mother seriously. Your boys are going to be loving, caring, kind adults because of all of the hard work you and B put into their upbringing. I love you all.

  3. Awwww this is so cute!! I've been spending time with my twin nieces this week and it's so cute to watch them interact!!

  4. My son has the same green sweater as your boys!

  5. This is such a sweet post. Robbie has started giving kisses lately and I agree, it is pretty much the cutest thing EVER. He gets this certain little look on his face, he'll say "mama", and then make a beeline for me and give me a kiss. Then he lays his head on my shoulder. It makes me want to cry every. single. time. because he is just so sweet. :)


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