Thursday, February 7, 2013

Going To the Wedding And We're....

I got an internship with a wedding planner.

How's that for irony, huh?

The girl who just two weeks ago posted her thoughts on marriage is now working for a wedding planner. 

But,  I'm super excited for this opportunity.

I started college as a psychology major, wanting to go into event planning. I realized communications might be the better way to go so I made psychology my minor and switched my major to comm. I ended up with an internship in radio, was promoted twice in one year to where I am now and the rest is history.

I love radio and everything I've learned from it (the perks ain't bad either) but I've toyed with the idea of getting into wedding planning for awhile, and after throwing the Bambinos' birthday party, I knew that I at least needed to give it a try.

I'm working for the woman who put together my favorite room at Weddings on the Waterfront and I'm so so excited. She's super nice, and seems completely like the type of person that I want to work for.

Where does that leave radio? I still love radio and am not leaving it (a girl's gotta make her money!) but I've been wanting a new challenge, something that I can learn and grow from, for a while, and I think this internship is the perfect opportunity.

I have no idea what my life holds once the internship is over, but right now, I find that part of the excitement.

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  1. Congrats on the new gig! You'll be awesome at it!

  2. How awesome! You'll learn so much and have a ton of fun. Congrats!

  3. Oh wow!! I'm so excited for you!! Who knows where this could lead!

  4. Hooray! :-) I know we haven't connected via blogworld in a bit, but I too am doing something in the wedding industry now (working at a wedding photography company)! It's not paying the bills but it will do for now! Good luck and HAVE FUN!

  5. That is really exciting!!!! I am your biggest fan and I know you will excel at this...have fun.

  6. You don't have to know where this will lead right now. Just absorb all you can, enjoy the new adventure and have fun!! I'm SO happy for you, Lindsay!! This is right up your creative alley.

  7. woohoo congrats to you on that internship! good luck on that new venture

  8. YAY!!! oh the irony, I love it :)

    what an AMAZING opportunity!!! and one that I think you'll be great at.

    How you find the time to be a Mama, work, this internship, blog, AND work-out... Lindsay, you are my superwoman :)


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