Thursday, February 21, 2013

Giving Up Pacifiers

I realized I never posted about one of the biggest hurdles we've overcome as parents... the thing I've been dreading for months now.

Last weekend, we gave up binkies.

And my children decided it wasn't the only thing they were giving up.

At their two year check up,  our doctor suggested we have a family meeting, tell them they're big boys and it's time to give them up. He said to give them something else to get attached to instead.

Throwing any advice from the doctor out the window,  instead we went to the Disney store and we were going to let them pick out a toy and "pay" with their binkies.

My kids did not want one toy in the Disney store!

Are my kids even human?!?

Did they not understand what a once in a lifetime opportunity they had?!?

They could have had practically anything in the Disney store.

Bug kept picking up Cars characters but when I asked if he wanted to take it home, he'd put it back.

They literally were not interested in anything

To say I was shocked is an understatement.

And it made me wonder if they really understand as much as people say they do.

We did walk out with a 2nd Ligthning McQueen car but we'd already planned on that one because they fight over the one we had already.

Except now Peanut has claimed both of them.

Since they weren't interested in the toys at Disney, we just took the binkies away.

That ish was hard

Actually, the Bambinos gave them up pretty easily..... but my little overachievers decided they're not really into napping now either.

I'm mourning the loss of their naps. I'm not even home during the week to miss them, but when I get home I'm greeted by whines, and tears, and general grumpiness; I miss my happy, smiley babies.

Although I do appreciate the cuddles.

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  1. Awe....I did the same thing with my little one when she turned two. It took about a week and all was said and done. How long has it been for you? It does get better.

  2. Don't worry...they will nap again! I took my oldest's away the day after he turned 2 and he did really well, but his naps suffered for a bit. In all honesty I always hated the darn thing and only let him keep it because we flew on a plane right before his birthday and I wanted him to have it for comfort!

  3. The crying pics are so precious. They're just so precious in general! Glad they gave the binkies up easily, and how funny that they didn't want anything from the Disney store! Maybe they're just way ahead of their time and realize "things" aren't as important as love. :) :) :)

  4. Don't worry, the naps will probably come back. The bambinos probably just don't know how to self-soothe without paci's yet. Self soothing is a skil just like walking and talking and fine motor skills and all of the other things little ones learn. So if it helps w/ the mom-guilt, focus on how you are doing this to teach them a skill rather than to take something away from them. As an added bonus, their speech & language skills may improve exponentially over the past month. This is common when toddlers give up paci's. and better speech & language skills usually translates to fewer tantrums. It will get better, don't worry :)

  5. Your giveaway post came to my reader, but I don't see it here. Anyway, I am your 500th follower and a relatively new reader.


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