Friday, January 18, 2013

We're Two!

I fully intended to post the actual birthday portion of the Bambinos birthday on Tuesday, but I worked the Lady Gaga concert on Monday and then I was hit by the same bug everyone else seems to have. These last two nights I went to bed around 8pm! Last night I fell asleep on the couch watching DVR'd Catfish. (Anyone else watch that? No? I'm the only one completely out of their demographic who watches shows on MTV still. Well good.)

Anyway. This year's birthday party was so much fun. Last year they were cute, but this year they were running all over, playing with the other kids. Peanut was doing his happy shimmy, it was just so much fun to sit and watch them. Although I didn't really get to sit....

My friend Erica showed up a little early so she could help me set up and brought her two girls, T & K with her. They were so excited for the bambinos to show up that K yelled, "Surprise!" causing Bug to do a dead stop in the doorway. For a while after, Bug was uninterested in playing with the other kids, choosing instead to hang out with the adults, namely Daddy.
 Little K wanted a hug from them so bad. She pretty much chased them around the whole time. Peanut loved it.
 Bug chose to sit on the sidelines eating crackers...
 or cuddling with Daddy.

 Peanut kept running out into the foyer squeeling with joy as the other kids followed him.

 K has not given up on getting a hug. Too bad Bug's not really a hugger, unless it's me or Daddy.

Finally, after they'd been eyeing presents for awhile, we let them open them.

 This was the very first present they opened (a wooden logging truck) and Bug took off with it. He was completely uninterested in his other presents, it's like he said, "Well that was fun, I've got what I want. See ya."
 So Peanut opened most of the other presents.

 Peanut is so funny with wrapping paper. He will tear a piece off and throw it over the edge of the chair or behind him, or anywhere else it's out of the way. But he does it one piece at a time. He did this at Christmas and their birthday too which makes opening presents a slow process.

I finally convinced Bug to give up the truck and help.

 Some friends gave them recordable microphones, but I think Boyfriend has played with them more than they have.

After being completely spoiled by our friends and family, we sang Happy Birthday and cut the cake my sister made. It was a yummy white cake with berries and a cream filling between the two layers.

Most of the kids weren't terribly interested in cake so they ran around some more while the adults ate.
 But Peanut did end up shoving a whole Oreo or Brownie ball in his mouth....twice. I had to chase after him to wipe his drool off his cute Bubble Guppies shirt.

 Be still my heart. My Bambinos are getting so big. It's not secret that Bug is a Daddy's boy so when B went to roll the tables we used back into the church's gym, Bug kept lookout until he got back. He totally could have looked out the window without ducking down, but he didn't and that action alone made me realize just how grown up they are.

Is it bad that I've already started thinking of ideas for their 3rd birthday? Although next year we ware not getting the room at the church again. At just after 5pm when we were almost but not quite finished cleaning up, some people barged into the room to watch football even though we'd paid for the room until 6pm. And, with such a large room, the guest list gets too out of control and it's hard to actually visit with people.

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  1. I love the show catfish! It's crazy to me! I would be so apprehensive if I was "dating" someone online for a year or more and they wouldn't call me or want to see me!

  2. They are so cute! What a fun party!! And I love Catfish!! It's probably staged or something, but I can't get enough. And I have a crush on Nev and Max. :)

  3. I love MTV shows. Guilty pleasure! I was just telling my boss about catfish today actually!

  4. They are too cute, I'm glad your boys had so much fun!! :)

  5. Adorable. And I love catfish! And...I've had the bug for a week now. Awful!! Make someone take pics of you with you birthday boys


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