Thursday, January 3, 2013


This year I want to be a better boss.

You know those types of bosses that you say, "I love my boss!" about?

That's not me.

I want to be an encouraging word when I can see they're stressed.

I want to be a shoulder to lean on when they're having a tough day, working a busy event or need some advice as to how to deal with a work-related situation.

I want to be the friendly smile when I feel they might need it.

I want them to really, truly feel comfortable sitting in my office and talking to me about anything and everything. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a horrible boss.

I think sometimes I let my own stress and my own frustrations get in the way of managing the staff the way I want to.

I can't let it trickle down anymore.

I want my staff to feel how much I truly appreciate them so I want to lift them up more often than I give them minor corrections. 

I want my staff to say, "She was a GREAT boss!" in 10 years when they talk about their time working for me.

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  1. Good luck! That would be so hard to manage others, I would def let my own emotions trickle into it

  2. My absolute favorite supervisor ever is an ear when you need one, a shoulder to cry on, & honest. If ever she had an issue to discuss with you she addressed it immediately, never put it off until tomorrow. She carried herself professionally & is someone you can confide in & know your business is safe with her.
    She was my role model I took with me when I became a manager. Never ask anyone to do something you wouldn't do or haven't done. And when you have the chances every day, show them you're in the trenches with them. I found that helps moral. You do dirty work with one employee, they tell 3 others. Eventually you have respect & the job gets done quickly & efficiently. Slows turnover as well!!
    Wonderful resolution

  3. Being a supervisor is a really hard job. I always had trouble balancing friendship with my staff and being a strong supervisor. It can be so hard. The best advice I ever got though was from my dad who told me to never ask my staff to do something I wouldnt do, just like Amanda said. I have no doubt that you'll be able to reach this resolution!

  4. What an awesome, selfless resolution. It's so important to have a great boss (though I'm sure you're better than you think you are). I've never really been a boss, and never even "managed" anyone other than interns. But as an employee, I know how important it is. :)

  5. That is a great goal to have!!!! I think I would totally LOVE working for you....

    p.s. I finally posted again. :) hellllloooooo blog world.

  6. thanks for sharing. was really informative.

  7. good luck with your resolution, maintaining relationships with each other around us is never easy.
    Team building activities


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