Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Favorite Children's Books

My dream home includes a library. I've always wanted a library with a ladder like the one in Beauty & the Beast.

I'm on my way to owning enough books to create a library, and in only two short years of life, the Bambinos have amassed a bunch of books too. A lot of them, like Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and Where the Wild Things Are, are leftovers from when I was little.

A lot of them are ones they've acquired. Of all the ones they've received, I have a few favorites.

The Crown on Your Head. I really like the message in this one: every child has qualities that make you uniquely you.

On The Night You Were Born. I have to admit, the first time I read this one, I teared up. It has a really cool message too: You Are The One And Only Ever You.
I'd never thought of it before, but it's really true and because of that each and every person really is special.

I Love You So.  This one is an exchange between a daughter and mother with the mom explaining what "I love you so much" means.
 She explains the almost indescribable feelings of loving a child unconditionally and without boundaries. "I love you as big as a great lion's roar, and as deep as the ocean, I love you much more."

I Believe In You. Again, another cool message: I believe in you no matter what life throws at you.

One thing all these books have in common is they rhyme. Apparently I'm a sucker for rhyming books. And, my mom gave them to the Bambinos; she has a knack for giving them really cool books.

We didn't intentionally set out to only give our children books with uplifting messages and I certainly believe in stories with entertainment value, but these are a few of my very favorites, for now.

What are your favorite books for your kids? Are there any I absolutely need to add to their collection?

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  1. If you guys don't own "I Love You Forever" you should definitely add that to their collection. Also I am a fan of "Strega Nona". I think the message is cute and love it because my heritage is Italian :)

    Love your blog. Your little boys are getting so big and handsome!



  2. i love "Love You Forever" and also "How Do I Love You?" is another favorite. my daughter loves Eric Carle books as well!

  3. My kids love "Maxx" haha - great reads.

  4. I like the Dora books. :) While Milo or Jude is picking out what to read at night, I always hope it's Dora. The stories are cute and educational!

    I like Todd Parr books for kids, too, and I got the boys a book about taking care of the earth that I've been really fond of lately.

  5. I love reading to baby! I really enjoy "Guess How Much I Love you?", "It's Time To Sleep, My Love" and "It's Okay To Be Different".

    For fun books, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and "Little Blue Truck" seem to be favorites right now.

  6. Two Is for Twins!!

    I'm a twin mom as well and my boys LOVE this book. I have to read it at least once every few days.

  7. Oh god, Love You Forever is a killer!!! That book makes me cry every time! I love the Very Hungry Caterpillar, any Mercer Mayer books, and Dr. Seuss!!

  8. Robbie has been loving "How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You" and "Little Blue Truck". They are very cute books and are short enough that they keep his attention, yet they have more than two words on a page. :) LOVE books!

  9. I love "On The Night You Were Born!" So sweet!
    Love you Forever is the one that gets to me...I bawl my way through it!

  10. When I worked at Marshalls, I bought "On the Night You Were Born" even before I was pregnant (we were trying). I just fell in love with it! reading it to Felix for the first time was pretty magical-- and does make you tear up!

    I am now wanting to get "Crown on your Head" and "I love you so much" thanks to this post :)

    Some of our favorites are my childhood faves like "Corduroy" and "Clifford The Big Red Dog."

    She's only going to be 5 months and I've already started to add my young adult faves to her library (please tell me you loved The Baby-sitters Club!)


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