Monday, January 7, 2013

My 30th Through (Mostly) Instagram Pictures

My 30th birthday was pretty fantastic. If you follow me on Instagram you've pretty much already seen these but oh well.
I woke up and spent 15 minutes in bed thanking the people on facebook who had already wished B and me a happy birthday. It wasn't until after I'd gotten up, brushed my teeth and come out of the bathroom that I realized he'd left these balloons taped right over my head.

I'd taken his keys the night before and left a balloon and Coke in his car for him to find on the way to the gym.

He let me know that our coffee stand had a free coffee for each of us for our birthday. I said I was going to skip the empty calories to which he replied that she'd already have it made 'cause he told her what day I leave each day. So I show up and am handed this piece of art
 B's sneaky little self knew she wouldn't have it made yet, but she was decorating a cup for me so he lied. He never lies to me but this one's ok.

Once I get to work, I find a card taped to my office door.
It plays the Jackson 5 when you open it.  One of the things I love about B is he doesn't seem super sentimental to anyone who's not us. He didn't write anything super mushy or profound inside but he finds ways of doing things for me that are just so us. We have a love for Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 so this card is perfect.

He'd also emailed me and said that there was a goodie in the fridge for me. I was a little concerned because I've been trying to eat better and usually he'd get me a little cheesecake or a chocolate covered strawberry or something.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a small veggie tray and a smoothie in the lunch room. I love that he's supporting my efforts.

B comes and says goodbye to me every day before he leaves work. I told him I'd left something on his desk and asked him to get it for me to which he gave a playful,"Ugh" and turned around to go back t his cubicle. He comes back into my office holding another balloon and some flowers. He thought someone had left them on his desk for me ('cause that makes sense, we're not even in the same part of the building!) He was shocked to find out that I'd gotten the flowers for him. And he was really awkward about it, nobody'd ever bought flowers for him before.

The rest of my day was not too eventful, I got off early and was exhausted so I wanted to take a nap before my family came over for dinner. B came home, gave me a big kiss and thanked my for the flowers. He said he seriously didn't know how to act 'cause nobody had ever done anything like that for him before. He then said he wanted to take a gift card up to his friend whose birthday was the day before ours but on the way home the motorcycle wouldn't start! What would have been a 45 minute adventure turned into a 3 hour one so I didn't get to take a nap. 

B was super apologetic when he got home but, being mother of the year that I am, I'd zombied our children with Bubble Guppies so we were all three vegged out on the couches when he arrived. Don't judge, that's the first time I've let them watch TV for that reason.

My dad & step-mom came over for dinner, with my sister joining us when she got off work (remember how I want to be a better boss? Being the smart one that I am, I scheduled my own sister on my birthday! Oops.)

After dinner, I surprised B with a cake I'd made that morning. Since it was my 30th and not a big birthday for him, I was trying really hard not to let my birthday overshadow his, even though he said he didn't care.
That's some quality cake decorating right there.

Being the goofball that he is, B returned the favor by trying to make it into a cake for me, so we still have over half a cake that looks like this at home.
See how he cut the 6 and made it into a zero? He couldn't find the green frosting so he did the best he could to make his name into mine.

After my dad & step-mom left, I took a bath while B finished up some last minute birthday party details while the Bambinos crawled all over him with his new balloons.
I'll share the birthday party tomorrow.

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  1. Happy birthday....30's not so bad ;)

  2. Happy birthday! Looks like it was a special day!


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