Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Call Me Edna Mode

This happened on Saturday.
Remind you of anyone?
Any Incredibles Fans? via
It's an angled bob so it doesn't feel super short, although technically it is.  Remember, I cut a good 8 inches off my hair in November. And now I just cut a few more inches off.
I like it so far, but we'll see how I feel on day 3 of no washing and I can't put it in my beloved sock bun.

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How was your weekend? Did you make any major changes or do anything fun?

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  1. I love it! But I know what you mean about the beloved sock bun - I'm in a 'growing out my hair' funk. . . I'm SO ready to get back to "sock bun" length!

  2. You look adorable, as always. You could wear just about any hairstyle!

    I also cut a huge amount of hair off in December (almost 10 inches!) and it's growing back so fast. I'm thinking about whether to cut it again or let it grow. The choices we face in life, ha! :)

  3. new-ish follower/stalker here!
    love your new do! it looks super cute :) your boys are adorable btw

  4. You so do NOT look like EDNA~!!! Though it did make me laugh. Silly girl...I like it.


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