Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Time to Party....Swim On In

The Bambinos had a spectacular Bubble Guppies bash on Saturday.

Those boys are so spoiled loved :)

I did so much better this year and started things more than a week out so I was happy with the way everything turned out and I didn't kill myself doing it this time either. I went to bed at 12:30am on Friday and got up at 5am, that's much better than my two hours of sleep last year :)

Everyone was greeted by the Bubble Guppies door poster.

Just like last year, I had a drink/food table on one side, and dessert table on the other.

I used pictures from last year's party for the Jones Soda.
I had a million ideas for food, but ran out of time so I went with a veggie tray in a clamshell-shaped tray, a cheese and cracker plate and goldfish crackers of course.

The dessert table is always my favorite to put together.
My sister's saint of a boyfriend blew up each of those balloons himself.....but I don't think he felt like he could say "No,"....I'm his boss.

 I had a really cute banner planned but ran out of time. It was still fun seeing their progression from 12-24 months though.
I was kind of going for a blue and green theme with little pops of orange. And pretty much everything was bubble shaped.
 The brownie bubbles and Oreo bubbles were pretty easy to make. If anyone's interested, I can dedicate a post to directions. I will say, they're so much easier than last year's cake pops but I still have a hard time getting the chocolate smooth.
I wish this photo was sharper, but it's basically Madeline cookies with frosting and gumballs/sixlets. And of course they have two pearls.

Chex Muddie Buddies "Puppy Chow".
Cornflake Cookie "Fish Flakes"

Thanks to pinterest, I dip dyed the cupcake wrappers. Next time, I wouldn't bake cupackes in them because you lose the effect. I would put some kind of dessert in them, maybe the fish flakes or the brownie bubbles.

One of my favorite treats was dog bone shaped cookies. I used the same recipe as last year's cookies but I chose not to frost them; I felt like there were enough sweets.

I realized as I was looking at my Bubble Guppies Pinterest board that I completely forgot to make one desert (the marshmallows) but we have enough left over sweets so I guess it all worked out.

Centerpieces always give me the biggest challenge. I never know what to do that's not terribly expensive or going to block everyone's view of the other people at their table. I found different bowls/vases at Walmart along with the grass, sand and shells. The characters I printed and we cut out ourselves. I'm pretty happy with how everything came out.

Overall, I LOVED putting together this party [anyone need me to design invites for them? I wouldn't charge much:)]  and I'm so much happier with the result than I was last year, but I have to admit, a lot of my inspiration came from Pinterest (see my Bubble Guppies board.)

I'll get to the actual party tomorrow. The Bambinos deserve a post of their own :)

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  1. I don't know Bubble Guppies, but this is adorable! Visiting from Pin-Tastic!

  2. Wow that's amazing!, you must have worked so hard!

  3. Did you design and print everything yourself?

  4. Also, if you don't mind me asking, what was your budget for the party and were you able to stick to it?

  5. I'm totally in awe of everything you've done here! I have never thrown a party anything like this, but it looks amazing & you obviously put so much work into it. So cute! I bet E & E were sooooo happy. They're precious. Did you take any video?

  6. SO cute! Looks like such a fun party...I love all the little details. :)

  7. It turned out so cute!! Great job. I especially like the cookies with the "pearls" :)

  8. What a cute party!! You really are good at that stuff!!

  9. You are amazing! This is all so cute and creative. Great job!

  10. So, so, so cute! I love throwing kid parties. My youngest turns two in two weeks. I'm in major party planning mode over here!


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