Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flirty 30 Birthday

My sister says my 30s aren't dirty, they'll be...flirty. I guess you could say I dressed the part :)
I looked high and low for a dress and finally settled on one I'd bought the weekend before. I kind of love it. I didn't get any pictures of the back, but it has a flirty, semi-low cut back.

After we took a bajillion pictures trying to get a good one, we were out the door promptly at 6 just like B told me to be. He surprised me by taking me to an Italian restaurant, Tulio, and the food was excellent! If you're ever in Seattle, try their focaccia, (it's stuffed with bel paese cheese, truffle oil and sea salt) it was the best part of the meal. I could have eaten only that as my meal and been perfectly happy.

 At the end of our meal, the waiter surprised me by bringing out a pistachio ice cream thing and everyone kept saying, "Happy Birthday!" to which I reminded them it was B's birthday too.  I wanted him to blow out the candle with me, but he was faking it, so I smacked him :)

During this time, the waiter brought out another dessert, this one a coffee flavored gelatto or something like that in a coffee flavored bowl.

Tulio isn't something we could afford other than special occasions, but I would definitely go back, everyone was so nice and our waiter was so helpful. And the food was good too, duh.

After Tulio, we headed over to Oskar's in Queen Anne where B had arranged for a few tables to be saved for us, and checked to make sure they'd have a DJ. (The only thing I told B and my sis I wanted to do was dance*.) He'd arranged for the people in our group to get drink specials, one being for beer, and the other my new favorite shot.
Unfortunately, the DJ didn't play good dancing music and Oskars turned out to be a place where people weren't really dancing so we were pretty lame the whole night. B told me he'd contacted a DJ I used to work with when I promoted to see if he might be in town, unfortunately he's traveling, but the gesture was sweet :) He out a lot of time into planning all this. I think we ended up leaving around midnight - completely sober.

It's ok though, because I needed to be in rare form to watch the Seahawks victory against the Redskins on Sunday!

How was your weekend?

* I guess B and my sis had planned on going to a club my station is currently promoting. A few days before, I asked if that's where we were going. My sister said no but she could suggest it if I wanted. I said I didn't want to go there so they changed the plans. I feel horrible! Especially, since a few of our DJs ended up being there so it would have been super fun. Next time, I keep my mouth shut.

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  1. I am not going to lie - I am LOVING my 30's - will be 33 in August. You looked AMAZING!!! I love that dress and your hair and make-up look picture perfect. Love it.

  2. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS lady!!!!!! Lovin' your look....all of it!!!!

  3. You look so pretty! Love the dress, great choice. Happy (late) birthday!!

  4. Where did you find that gorgeous dress??

  5. You look so pretty!! Happy birthday!!

  6. You look beautiful!! LOVE that dress!!

  7. You looked gorgeous and that dress is sooooo pretty! I love the neckline and want to see the back. It looks great on you! Good for B for planning such a fun bday for the two of you. :)

  8. What a sweet birthday date! And especially that he planned it when it's his birthday too! :)


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