Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Bambinos

Two days before your 2nd birthday, I realized I never shared your actual birth story. I shared some pictures of the day you were born, but never shared my thoughts, feelings, all the emotions that went along with welcoming you two into our lives.

I didn't sleep well my whole pregnancy so near the end, I started sleeping in the recliner in your nursery. I was so excited and anxious that I woke up at 4am (after barely sleeping anyway) and decided to work on your baby books. That's how Daddy found me in the morning. He couldn't sleep either he was so excited. And, sadly, I haven't touched your baby books since that morning.

We were scheduled for a 10:30am c-section because Baby A (Peanut) was breech, so we had to check in at the hospital at 8am. Before we left, Daddy teased me about putting makeup on, but I knew there were going to be a ton of pictures so I refused to not wear any makeup.

We parked in the hospital parking garage, checked in with the desk in the birthing wing and were shown to a room. And then we waited.

And waited. 

Daddy took some last minute pictures of Mama's big belly.

Papa called to see if Daddy needed anything and he asked for coffee. Nurses came in and out checking on me, but mostly we were left to ourselves to make small talk and try not to be nervous about what was going to happen. I shed a few tears and then laughed at myself for crying because I wasn't nervous to suddenly have two little babies, I was nervous for surgery and I knew how dumb I must have looked.

I wasn't nervous for you guys, I was too excited!

Finally, a nurse brought Daddy his spaceman suit to change into. And that's when it hit us: very very soon, we would have the little guys we'd been so excited to meet. I could. not.wait. 

It seems like I had been waiting forever for you. A few months before I met Daddy I had cried to Grammy that I was tired of dating, I just wanted a family within the next few years. I really had been waiting for you.

The nurses let Daddy push my bed down to the operating room where another nurse decided to join us because she had nothing to do. And then I heard the worst words yet, "Okay Dad, just wait right there, we'll come get you in a bit." I was terrified. I didn't want to be without Daddy, I wanted to hold his hand while they were giving me a big shot.

Instead, I handed over my camera and said my goodbyes to Daddy with tears in my eyes. They wheeled me into the OR and the nurse that randomly joined said, "Oh, there's two warmers!" The other two nurses explained, "It's a twin birth," through my tears I made some joke about how it better be for how huge I was.

One of the nurses said, "I know, it's so exciting you'll have them soon" or something like that. What she didn't realize, is my tears were not happy tears, they were tears of terror. Don't get my wrong, I was so, so happy that I was finally welcoming you into the world, but at that very moment, my thoughts were focused on the big shot. The tears for you guys would come later.

The nurses introduced me to the anesthesiologist who told me to tuck my chin into my chest as he gave me the spinal shot I was terrified of getting. My anesthesiologist was amazing and I didn't feel a thing. But, it worked right away because I couldn't move myself from sitting on the bed with my legs dangling over the side to sitting with my legs on the bed. I literally could not move my legs. It was the weirdest thing ever.

While all this was going on, Daddy was still waiting and taking pictures of his shoes in their spacesuit. Oh Daddy.

The nurses gave me a catheter, which again I didn't feel, the anesthesiologist explained that I might feel nauseous and if I do to let him know 'cause he has medicine to stop it and then they finally let Daddy back into the room. He found me laid out on a bed with my arms out like Jesus on the cross. He said it was a really weird situation to walk in to.

Finally, Dr. Wallace and another doctor came in and they were ready to cut you out.

This is already a very long story my little Punky Pies, I'll tell you the rest tomorrow - on your birthday!

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  1. I love birth stories!! This is adorable, with the makeup and everything. And my goal is to finish the baby books before they're 10!! :) That's why we blog, right?? So sweet, with the two warming it.

  2. Awwww tomorrow is their birthday?? Happy birthday little guys!!!! I love hearing birth stories!

  3. Happy birthday to them, loving the birth story!


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