Friday, January 11, 2013

Dear Bambinos: You're the Best Thing That EVER Happened to Me

What fun yesterday was, huh? You know what else was fun? And exhausting at the same time? The day you were born and I'm finally going to finish up my story.

After we were were wheeled into the room, the nurses weighed you while they checked my catheter. Right after they were finished checking it, in walks Papa with a Coke and sandwich for Daddy because Papa had drank the coffee Dad asked for while they were waiting. This was just an excuse to come in and see you and I was embarrassed at what Papa almost saw so I asked Daddy to go down and ask the family to be patient.

Later, Aunt Jill told me how much Papa was pacing and how wound up with excitement he was waiting for you. Everyone got to the hospital a good three hours before they actually met you and the anticipation was agonizing for them!

When Daddy came back, he told me there were a lot of people waiting to love on you guys! The nurses brought you to me so I could finally hold you. Peanut was first and he just stared and stared into my eyes. One of the nurses had a strong, soothing, Asian accent and she said, "He likes it. When he stares at you that means he he's happy. He knows you're his mama." And then I teared up. It felt like he was staring into the very depths of my soul. It was at that point that I realized a Mama's bond to her babies is an amazing thing unlike anything I had ever experienced. And I loved it.

They took Peanut away to bathe him and gave me Bug, but I told Daddy to learn how to give baths, so he didn't get to take any pictures of the first time I held Bug. The only thing I hadn't learned when I worked at PICC was how to give baths so it's the only thing I was very worried about.
As Daddy was learning how to bathe Peanut, I remember just staring at Bug and caressing his tiny features. Your hands were so small, your skin so soft and your eyes so blue. I couldn't get over that you were now mine.

Eli after his first bath
After you were both bathed, the nurses suggested I try nursing you. Both of you were born tongue tied so they helped me feed you the best I could and got me nipple shields so you would be able to suck. This time, it was more of a bonding thing than a nutrition thing. I had just covered up after finishing up with Peanut when Papa walked in for the 2nd time, again with some excuse. I didn't not want Papa to see my boob - that's just weird. Angrily I asked Daddy to keep the family out!

Finally, even though I wasn't ready and would have preferred more time just the four of us, we let the troops in. Grammy, Auntie NeeNee, Papa and Great-Grandma were first. I introduced you guys and the oohed and aahed over your names. We'd kept them a secret and hadn't told anyone! Auntie Nee Nee still claims she suspected what we named Peanut, but I think she's just saying that :)

After the first group of people had their fill, Grandma, Ginger, Great Aunt Jill and Great-Aunt Nita came in. Papa had to take Great-Grandma home and go to work so Auntie Nee Nee and Grammy got to stay and love on you some more. I'll never forget the ,"Awwwww!" Great-Aunt Jill let out when she first saw you. Cameron had been the last baby in the family and that was 10 years ago!

The nurses joked that it was like paparazzi in our room because Papa, Aunt Jill and Daddy all had nice, big cameras with great big flashes. Daddy just laughed and said  you'd better get used to it because I take a lot of pictures!
It was just two short years ago that you were brought into our lives, but I cannot remember life before you. I feel like our lives didn't really begin until we became a family of four. You both are such a happy, dancing, Bubble Guppies loving light in our lives. I hope that we're doing you justice as your parents.

I love you two so, so much I can't even come up with sufficient words to explain.

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  1. That was beautiful, I'm sitting in the living room bawling like a baby! Reminds me of when I had my 3 year old, pretty much all of our family came to the hospital with us at 6am and then hung out 'til she finally showed up at 5pm, it was all my husband could do to keep them out of the room!


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