Friday, November 30, 2012

Date Night

I'd been anticipating our date night for weeks. I bought a Living Social deal for the Melting Pot so, like the procrastinators busy parents we are, we used it two days before it was due to expire. I love the Melting Pot (and used to work there) so my mouth had been watering all day Wednesday thinking about it.

We went in without a reservation - I don't know why I didn't think it'd be busy - and sat at the bar for a while and had a drink or two. Finally, we were sat at a table, were just about to order and the fire alarm went off.

No kidding.

At first, we all sat there kind of dumbstruck. We couldn't believe we actually had to get up and go out in the rain. The manager scurried around trying to figure out what was happening and finally informed everyone that we did in fact have to get up and go out. So much for romance.

At the exact same time, Boyfriend and a guy at the table next to us said, "Can we take our drinks?"

I huddled under the tiny awning knowing that if there were an actual fire I would be in trouble, but my hair looked decent and I didn't want it to frizz in the rain. Priorities.

We were shocked to see two fire trucks and an ambulance show up a few minutes later.

Turns out that they're doing construction next door and one of the workers clipped the wire to the fire alarm causing it to go off.

That building has bad luck. When I worked there, a crane working on a building across the street fell killing a guy who lived in the apartments above the restaurant and breaking our water pipe causing us to be closed for a few days until we got it fixed.

Luckily, the rest of our dinner was fine, at least we hadn't started eating yet so our meal was more or less uninterrupted, and we got to enjoy just hanging out and being adults. Everyone in our section was enjoying the Living Social deal so of course, B made friends with all of them.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Two Thanksgivings

Thanks you so much for your kind words on yesterday's post. I think I may have given people the wrong idea. I am so so happy to be called "Mama," I'm just having a really hard time figuring out exactly what to say about myself when I need to. Anyone want to write my blog bio for me? Kidding. Kinda.

I can't believe it's Thursday already, where did the week go?! I spent the last few nights working on the Bambinos' birthday invitations and I'm happy to say they're all ready to be mailed. I'm determined to have all the decorations finished by New Years so I'm not stressed trying to do everything in one week like last year. (<-famous font="font" in="in" last="last" post="post" that="that" words="words">

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to share our Thanksgiving. Luckily, I don't have the weird, inappropriate uncle or a floozy, lush aunt that so many other people seem to have, it makes me very thankful for my family - although those people usually have good stories :)

We started off Thanksgiving watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, at least B and I watched it - the Bambinos could have cared less. After the parade was finished, we headed over to my dad's which was a house-full of my step-mom's family.
Playing the Bubble Guppies app with Auntie Nee Nee on Papa's iPad.
 Are you tired of seeing me Instagram and Tweet about Bubble Guppies yet? The Bambinos are ob-sessed! It's the only show they'll actually sit and watch and since it's only 23 minutes of show time and the commercials are at the end, I don't feel so bad letting them watch a little TV. We just stop the DVR when the actual show is over. Luckily, Bubble Guppies is my fave kids show so it doesn't get on my nerves that they want to watch it every day.

This is the first time B's ever carved a turkey, he was pretty proud of himself and asked me to take a pic. His family are all vegetarians (seriously, every single one) and you can't really carve squash lasagna or whatever they usually have.

We sat down at the kids table to help the Bambinos eat; they're still getting the hang of the scooping motion of forks and I didn't want mashed potatoes flung everywhere. They were more interested in walking around with their forks and touching things with it anyway. Bug's going through a really picky phase right now which can be a bit annoying.
It's a little difficult to see what's happening, but Bug decided to stick his fork near the icemaker, and he actually got one out! I'm not sure if he'd watched my dad getting ice for people's drinks so he knew what to do, or it was just an accident, but I have a hard time believing it was an accident as it's difficult to tell where the ice button actually is on their fridge. He's Mama's little Smarty Pants.

My dad cooks Thanksgiving dinner so he sat at the kids table with us. He kept getting up to get food, or get someone something, and every time he'd walk away Peanut helped himself to my dad's plate. My dad decided if there was something they wouldn't eat he should put it on his plate and walk away.

My kids are so easily entertained - it's great! Peanut found a vibrating back massager, so he played with it for probably an hour. He just plopped himself down on the floor and glided it across the floor, or he's turn upside down like this while he was playing with it. Expensive toys be damned!

Eventually, the fun at my dad's house came to an end because we still had to go to my mom's. Luckily, they live maybe 10 minutes apart (more like 5) but it's still a pain to load everything up, say goodbyes and all that.

The thing I like about my mom's house is we're her only family on this side of the mountains so she caters the meal to stuff that all of us like, she really puts time and effort into thinking about who she's cooking for. For example, she bought the Bambinos little Christmas cups with straws because they love straws, she always has a few bottles of sparkling cider because I could finish a whole bottle to myself, she always makes my favorite cookie for Christmas's little touches like that I enjoy so much.

Peanut found this Buzz Lightyear toy and played with it all night long. Here, he's making it fly in the bathroom, but he did the same thing he did at my dad's house with the massager: bent over the coffee table, laid his head on his outstretched arm and pushed Buzz around or made him fly. Unlike Bug who moved from toy to toy, this was the only thing Peanut played with all night.

After two meals we were all pooped! But again, the Bambinos never fussed or threw a fit. I really have been blessed with the best little guys ever.

I love how Thanksgiving signals the beginning of the holidays (for me at least) and I love the time we get to see family... and of course the food! But, we did talk about maybe stretching Thanksgiving out so we eat only one meal a day. We got off easy this year because B's family is all in Kentucky visiting family right now or else we would have had three stops that day. Even limiting our consumption at my dad's we still felt overstuffed by the time we left my mom's.

How was your Thanksgiving? What are some traditions you celebrate that day?

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Few Little Words

How do you sum up yourself in just a few words? Lately, I've struggled with this a lot. It seems like I've had to write a quick blurb of my life in barely over 140 characters.

Boy mom. Twin Mom. Girlfriend. Work in radio. Can't cook. Hates to clean. Wishes she were good at photography. Loves to plan parties. Loves to use Photoshop.

It seems like I'm looking at myself through someone else's window.

I'm at a complete turning point in my life, one filled with uncertainty and trying to figure out even more who I am. I'm not sure where this is coming from, maybe it's 'cause I'm turning 30 in just over a month, but I feel like I'm trying to find myself all over again.

Didn't I do this in my twenties?

One thing I know for sure is,

these three rock my world!

I love B, but I loooove my babies. I'd be lying if I wasn't just a tiny bit pleased that Peanut wanted no one but me this morning, even though it broke my heart to watch him cry for me at the window.

I'd be lying if I'm not secretly happy that Bug runs around saying, "Mommy, mommy, mommy," and it makes me even happier that he now calls B "Mommy" more often than not. Now, he can wipe the smirk off his face that he's been wearing since they started saying "Da Da," months before "Ma Ma." And the fact that they can say both but choose to call him, "Mommy?" Tickles me.

Almost two years into this adventure, (two years!) I can say that I barely remember my life before them, I feel like they've always been a part of me, a part of us, and I know we were meant to be a family. At the end of the day, if I need to label myself as something, I'm happy to be known as their mama and B's girlfriend.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Comes Early Part 2

After my first Christmas Comes Early post, I realized I left a bunch of things off that I REALLY want.
At $42, the Lorac Pro Pallette has more colors and is cheaper than the Naked pallettes. That doesn't mean I don't want Naked 2 - I want both!

My Clarisonic broke a few months ago and I'm sad sad sad. I loved that thing! But, I'm too cheap to buy myself one, I'd rather get it for Christmas :)

I thought that Kiki LaRue had a similar necklace in coral but it looks like they must be out. I can't do the whole bubble necklace thing so this is my version of a statement necklace. Almost every day I look in the mirror and wish I had a necklace like this in every color - I should probably just buy it.

I've been looking for one of these forever! I saw this sculpture in a picture of a friend's nursery and fell in love. Except, I thought hers was all white ceramic, upon closer inspection of her pictures, it's not, it's pretty much like this one.

 I think would be so rad in my office at work. I have the perfect spot for it.

I'd like it better if it were like this one  so maybe I could spray paint it. I don't want a vase or else I would just buy this one.


I want a juicer. Every since I went on my juicing cleanse, I've wanted one. My mom let me borrow hers but I've had it for months now! I need one of my own. There's something so refreshing about homemade juice with no added ingredients.

As you can tell, I don't want much :) So maybe I should take some stuff I don't care so much about off my first list, huh?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Sickness & In Health

{written 11-15-12}

There's nothing worse than having a sick child. After two days of sickness with Peanut that then went on to invade Bug, I am worn out but happy to report that we survived.

Peanut got it much worse than Bug and as I laid on the couch with my sick little Boo Boo, I couldn't help but get upset. As a parent, I want to protect my child from everything. He was so pathetic slumped in my arms or doubled over using my leg as a pillow, I wanted nothing more than to wrap him in my arms, kiss his little pink cheeks and whisper my love you's over and over.

As he laid between my legs or sometimes even beside me radiating heat in the middle of the night, I could do nothing but stroke his hair and wish that it were me instead of him.

I had a horrible thought when I saw him place his hand on his stomach, what if he was having stomach pains or his apendix had burst and he doesn't yet have the ability to tell me his complaints?

Yes, I'm paranoid about appendicitis - my dad almost died from it. 

I couldn't help but think this would be the first of many illnesses, will it ever get easier?

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Give A Little Help To My Friend

I've started and deleted this post so many times, there's just so much I want to say. As I write this, my heart is breaking, and my eyes are cloudy with tears.

A few years ago, I met a woman who changed my life. Kelly is compassionate, selfless and an all around good person. She suffers from Lupus and two years ago her family was not sure she'd be around to celebrate the next set of holidays. The next set of holidays she organized a school supply drive and then a food, toy and clothing drive with my radio station. She was hit by a drunk driver when pregnant with her daughter, a few months later she delivered a healthy baby girl. She has a fighting spirit that has never kept her from her mission of helping needy families, and now she needs our help.

Kelly started a charity named R. Place of Refuge. I've written before about R. Place of Refuge and how near and dear to my heart it is.  Based in my hometown, Kelly collects, food, toys, games, hygiene products etc., for seriously underprivileged children.

She helps the neediest of the needy. If people put things like PSP's or Nintendo DS's on their Christmas list, she knows they are not in need of her services. She helps people who need basic things like diapers, milk, bread, cheese. She helps those that don't qualify for FEMA and those effected by domestic violence, she has a soft spot for military families as she is also a veteran.
Kelly's husband at our school supply drive
She plans hygiene drives so she can do a hot dog feed for the homeless and pass out things like socks, and toothbrushes to them. She does school supply drives so she can pass out backpacks full of pencils, paper and markers to the students who cannot afford them or get one from their school. She helped with Katrina relief efforts, and I know that were she able, Kelly would be in Jersey helping with Sandy too. Her efforts really are nation wide.

Two of her sons, it's a family affair
I've had the privilege of working on drives with Kelly for the last four years, and each year I am humbled by her service to humanity and hope that I can teach my children what it means to give to others as much as she's taught hers. Her family literally spends their holidays (Christmas Day included) delivering much needed items to families in need.
Kelly and her youngest daughter a few years ago.

I received this email on Friday:

Hi Lindsay,

We were hoping your Team may be interested in helping this worthy cause..  We just want to shower her with All Types of Gifts and anything else others may want to contribute.  We are going to submit the names to the newspaper as a thank you. Could you check and see if any of your customers may have a interest in helping us create this miracle?  She is so sad she cant do her annual toy drive with you guys. You can share this with others if you feel fit. 

As you know Mrs Carroll gave out over 2,000 cars for hurricane Katrina evacuees and now she cant find a donated van now that her life depends on it.  Do you have connections with dealerships?

Hello,  I am writing to tell you about one of your fellow veteran Mrs. Kelly Carroll  ( Executive Director) who have served honorably and also dedicated 10 years to giving back to other veteran families, youth, and homeless thru her organization called

 I am sad to say that Mrs. Carroll had a tragedy and is now paralyzed on her entire right side and her family has been really struggling to continue care for her.  She has been bedbound for 5 months and she has 6 children who are all relentlessly taking care of their mother around the clock.  She finally got a motorized wheelchair, but she has no ramp, and she has no van in order to get a lift put into it. 

 Her husband has been carrying the load and they are overwhelmed with medical bills and very limited nursing services. He has coached football for many years and he is a cub scout leader as well.  This family will not have a "Christmas" this year and I cry out for help for them simply because I have watched this veteran lay down her life for the community without pay and never complained. Her family is trying to find someone who is willing to donate a van they may no longer be using or raise money to purchase her one.

  She doesnt qualify for much since it wasnt a service connected disability.  These kids gave up their entire summer to care for their young mother and never complained and the husband is so tired night after night caring for her and working and taking care of all the kids too.  His health is not the greatest.  I go visit the family and the kids cry behind the scenes from their mother.

  If you go out on the internet and see all the work Mrs. Carroll has done you will understand that she exemplifies the real meaning of soldier. She has never asked anyone for help and now that she needs it, there is no one available to help our fallen soldier and her family. 

 Could you please team up with others to help create a real miracle for your fellow veteran sister and her family.  Every year she raises about 20,000 to provide a dream christmas for a family that is dire need of help and needs to feel the new meaning of what Giving is all about and she would still provide christmas for 500 kids as well.

 Its so sad that she was not able to celebrate each one of her kids birthday and none of them had a birthday party and the two oldest sons are in college and had to move home to help care for mom.  The kids 2 sons 23 and 24yrs, 2 sons 15 and 10 years ( athletes), and 1 daughter 3yr and 1 grand daughter 2yrs and 2 grand sons. 

 She has held membership as rotarian, american legion 15, veteran advocate, Executive Director ( charity, Eastern Star).  I need your help in putting some hope in their hearts snd sunshine in their eyes again.  If you are interested in helping this family, please contact us and let us know how you can help and we will give you their info so you can bless them directly.

The family really needs food, clothing, holiday gifts, and a donated van, a ramp built for her to use wheelchair to get out of house, money for a cleaning service to come in twice a month to help husband stay on top of washing, cleaning, medical out of pocket expenses. 

If anyone knows of any other groups, organizations, companies, or businesses that would offer gift certificates to the kids ( karate, gymnastics, sports tickets, movie, etc..) or services that could take the burden off of this wonderful family.  If anyone has vacation getaways ( timeshare) that the family could share some family time with mom this is way overdue. If anyone has a van to donate they can get a tax deductible receipt.   any help will be greatly appreciated.

Because of this, I am going to do something I've never done before. I've included a donate button on my sidebar if you'd like to donate ANY amount - 100% will go to Kelly and her family.

In addition, 25% of all sales made from now until December 20th in my Etsy shop will go to help Kelly and her family.

See R. Place of Refuge's  efforts, these are the links I provided above:

Thanks so much,

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Friday, November 16, 2012

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, we were lucky to have replacement tickets for Disney on Ice. I went before my 2nd haircut so I could trade in our passes for actual tickets only to be disappointed to read that they only had single seats available until Sunday.

I went up to the window and asked anyway. We were in luck, they had just released some seats.
We were lucky enough to end up in a suite!

 The Bambinos were so cute and so excited. They refused to sit on our laps at all instead preferring to look over the ledge jumping with excitement.
 They clapped when the crowd clapped, and periodically glanced at us to gauge our reaction. Boyfriend and I couldn't help but smile as we watched the show through their eyes.
 There's something just so cool about seeing something through the wonder and amazement of a child. It's also cool to think that they'll get the same kind of joy from watching the characters I loved so much as a child. It was kind of one of those full circle moments.

 We woke them from their nap an hour early so we could take Santa pictures so at one point the Bambinos started getting a little antsy and B bought them their first bucket of popcorn.

Bug loooved it. I'm talking two hands in the bucket, shoving his whole hand into his mouth as he's shoveling popcorn at all times kind of love. I had to keep Peanut from eating the pieces Bug dropped on the ground.

The show was called Dare to Dream and focused on the stories of The Princess and the Frog (is that what it's called? The movie with Tiana?) Cinderella, and Tangled. They did an amazing job on the costumes, but my very favorite was the horse from Tangled, Maximus. I'm glad I watched Tangled and Tiana's movie's recently.

I was a little disappointed that they didn't do some of my favorite stories like Aladdin and the Little Mermaid, but I realized that the kids the show is actually aimed for have never seen Aladdin or Little Mermaid in theaters and most likely not at home either. I'm sure the only reason they did Cinderella was because it was just re-released.

Being in the suite was nice because we were able to let the Bambinos run around and chase each other during intermission. There weren't too many other people sharing the suite with us, but there were a set of 4 year old boy/girl twins. It was fun being able to talk twins with their mom, but she made me really scared of potty training! 

I'm so glad that we were able to get another set of tickets after I misplaced the first pair; even though the show was about princesses, it wasn't overly girly and even if it was, my bambinos would have loved it anyway.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Whip My Hair Back And Forth!

First of all, thank you all so much for your sweet comments on Instagram, facebook, and twitter about Peanut being sick. We survived! But unfortunately Bug is getting it now. I'm out of sick leave for the year so Boyfriend's staying home with him today.

There's  been a lot going on, most notably
 New hair! I got it cut last week (on election day)

And then....
It got shorter!

Originally, I took in this picture, and asked for it not as angled to which my stylist said there was probably no point - I wasn't cutting enough off my hair to make it into a long bob, even after I chopped more off.

I'm also in love with this cut, but know that I'd never get it to actually look this way.
So far I'm liking my short hair. I haven't tried to do too much to it, but it's fun to be short after 5 years of long hair. It does take me longer to do in the mornings, though :)

I'm not the only one that got a haircut, the Bambinos did too!

 This experience was much better than last time, we went to a completely different place and they did a great job. Plus, neither of these ladies were snotty either.
Throw me a vote? I'm in the top 175! Haha, that's a big deal to me, I started out in the 200s.
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