Friday, August 31, 2012

This One Time, At Cheer Camp

Okay, so this didn't actually happen at cheer camp....In High School, I was a cheerleader. Before you get all "Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom, Bah" on me, realize that our cheerleaders were tough.

And smart.

My coach didn't want us to play into the typical stereotypes so we weren't allowed to even touch our boyfriends while wearing our uniforms.

 If we were caught kissing them goodbye, we were benched for a game.

We ran laps and did stadiums like nobody's business and  had grade checks every two weeks

rather than the quarterly check required by the district's athletic program.

Moving on.

It was our custom to run to the other side of our stadium and give the visiting team's cheerleaders a goody bag filled with a granola bar, a water bottle and a few other things during halftime.

One night, we were playing another school in our district so the stands were packed, we were putting up a good fight, everyone was pumped and in a fantastic mood.

We ran to the other side of the stadium to bring their cheerleaders back to our side for their goody bags when all of a sudden wham!

I went down.

I actually thought my toes had kicked the back of my head.

I scrambled to get up, and act like nothing had happened but a few of my teammates were laughing hysterically as were people in the stands.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Melted Crayon Lampshade DIY

Just a little DIY on the blog today...

I've been wanting to give our house more personality, make it something cool that not one else has (we've got that covered with the rust colored carpet!) So last night I turned a lamp

 The lampshade on the right is decorated in the same vinyl stickers that are all over the Bambinos walls

So I decided to do my own twist on those melted crayon canvases all over pinterest.

 I lined up my crayons in the order I wanted them. For this project, I was using only blue and brown so I went through four 64 count boxes of crayons to get the amount I needed.

 Using a hot glue gun, I glued my crayons to the lampshade. I started in the back, along the seam so that if I had a little gap in the back or my crayons weren't straight it wouldn't matter as much.

 I continued  gluing until I was finished.

don't worry about the hot glue tails
 It's a good thing I started in the back because no matter how straight I tried to lay my crayons, it wasn't enough. I had a gap.

Then I took out the hair dryer and aimed it toward the bottom half of the crayons. Keep your hair dryer on low. At first, I tried to melt them the same way I cook - with high heat - and they were splattering everywhere.

Make sure you have something under your lamp because this splatters a lot! I ended up with crayon drips all over me, the wall and our hardwood floor. The nice thing about this step is the heat also gets rid of the hot glue gun tails. Did you know blastin' 'em with a little heat gets rid of them? I learned that on Craft Wars.

Here's the finished product in the Bambinos room.
And for reference, here's how it looked before.

I don't love it.

It just doesn't go.

Maybe I would like it better if I alternated blue and brown crayons but I just don't think it goes with the feel of the rest of the room. Maybe if they were in a toddler room, but that's a ways off.

Tonight, I'm going to try another DIY I found recently on Mandi's blog. I love the texture this new DIY will create.

I'll let you know how that one goes.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3rd Birthday Extravaganza! blog turned 3 on August 22nd. I love giving gifts but since work was insane, I didn't get a chance to post the giveaway then. Better late than never, right?

The traditional 3rd anniversary gift is leather, sorry, I'm not giving you any of that. Crystal is the modern 3rd anniversary gift and you're not getting that either, but you are getting some of my favorite things.
So I don't actually have this, but I've been coveting it. It's going to be really hard to give this to the winner.

A custom Lilo Print. My house is beginning to be covered in these. I've been adding a few more prints to my shop lately, I hope that you find one you like. Remember, everything can be customized to your expectations. You could even choose to get a custom print if you don't see one you'd like!

A $50 Erin Condren gift card.  There's so many things you can buy with these, but the Life Planner is my fave. I can't wait to order my own.... Did you know she's a twin mama too?

 The J. Crew inspired Bubble Necklaces are hot in the streets right now. I ordered one in this color too, anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pretty easy right? I'll be adding another way to win tomorrow but (story of my life) I ran out of time so check back tomorrow.

Thanks to those of you who have stuck around for these last three years, and welcome to those of you that are newer! Let's be friends, ok?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Remember when I said if I could redo one room in my house, it would be my bedroom? Let me show you exactly what we have going on in there.

 Here's a better view, with the door closed.
Why someone would choose to paint their bedroom salmon is beyond me. The pink area is what B found when he ripped out the closet. His response? "It was the 70's."  Surely someone in the 70's had taste!
I wasn't kidding when I said that it looks like a frat boy lives there. Would you want a poster of Michael Jordan over your bed?
Hello Mr. Jordan, how unlovely to see you.
Let's not forget the other poster above B's dresser: a naked girl wearing nothing but Jordan's.

See? Frat boy. 

Except B was never in a frat so he has no excuse.

This is what you see when you look toward the 1/2 bathroom. I still won't pee with B in the room, I don't want him to hear me!

Want to take a peek in the bathroom? Remember, it was the 70's when this addition was built. The rest of the house is from the 40s.
It gets worse
Yes, that sign really hangs above my toilet.

And check out the hot counter

Let's leave the bathroom alone, shall we?

One more view of the entrance to our room from a different angle
In just this one picture, we've got three different types of materials on the wall: sheetrock, smooth salmon paint and textured white paint.  

Let's take a look at the finer details:
Rust colored shag carpet. I get to sink my toes into it every morning!

But it gets better! Under the shag, we've got a thin green pad thing and then linoleum!
The linoleum is so 70's baby.
We're pretty sure this covers the floor under the carpet.

And the icing on the cake
Popcorn ceiling! And there is no overhead lighting in the room. The one light we have come from the lamp on the borrowed dresser and I just bought that last week. Never mind that I've lived here almost 2 years.

If it were up to me, we would add some color to the walls. My cousin has kind of turquoise walls in her bedroom and I love them. We would DIY a tufted headboard and put a mirror above the borrowed dresser. I'd love some crown molding too, but none of those are absolutes. I don't have a specific vision for the room, but I've always wanted a room that is serene and a place where I want to spend time. Right now I jump out of bed as soon as possible and scurry out. I'd even be ok with leaving the bathroom as-is for awhile, at least I can close the curtain.

FYI when we borrowed the dresser, we'd just found out we were having twins and were at B's sister's to break the news to his family. I thought his sister was giving us the dresser so I agreed to take it with thoughts of immediately painting it dancing in my head. Apparently it's just on loan so I can't wait to give it back and get a different one that we can paint.

I'm sure you're wondering why we have such a hideous bedroom? The truth is, when I moved in, I was 6 months pregnant with twins. My main focus was getting their room ready and also making the parts of the house people actually see more company-friendly. B was busy with major projects like wiring the carport-turned-garage for electricity so he could move the washer and dryer into the garage rather than the middle of the house (not joking.) I didn't want to be the girl who moves in and makes all the changes, our relationship was already strained and I didn't want him to resent me.

Now, the Bambinos room is pretty much done and the rest of the house is getting there. I'm not completely embarrassed to have people over anymore, but I am completely embarrassed when I get to the master bedroom portion of the house tour.

I would love for Mandi (who I loved on Craft Wars) to come help me makeover our bedroom! Will you all vote for me and help me win? I'll be reminding you a ton before voting begins September 7th.

Pretty please?

While Daddy's Away, We Go To The Zoo!

I was a temporarily single parent this weekend while B went out of town. Every year, we go camping with our friends in Eastern Washington, but I'm not ready to leave the Bambinos for 3.5 days yet.

Who am I kidding?!? I don't trust anyone enough to leave them for 3.5 days.

I encouraged him to go so I had a ton of time with my Bambinos. Saturday we went to the zoo!

We started out with Dippin Dots
One lady remarked, "Wow there's a ton of twins out today." What are we supposed to do, lock them inside? They're not vampires.

Never mind that there's giraffes back there. Peanut kept saying,"Duck!"
At least the elephants were close enough for them to notice.
And there were baby snow leopards!
They were so well behaved even though we skipped their 2nd nap it's only an hour. And conked out in the car on the way home.

It was fun to spend the time alone with the Bambinos and my sister doing something fun, but I was sure happy to see B when he got home yesterday afternoon.

The hardest part of being a temporarily single parent? I can't do whatever I want/need. There's no "Oh crap we need milk!" at 7pm and running to the store after the Bambinos are in bed. Instead, it's get them up in the morning and change their diaper, run to the store  with them still in pajamas and you looking a hot mess as quickly as you can before they're completely starving and have a meltdown.

Yesterday when they were in bed? I took my time at Target.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lindsay Lately

I fell off the blogging wagon.

I'd been so proud of my posting streak too.

Lately my computer got a virus.....22 of them. But it's fixed now.

Lately....I've been working on prints, but not Lilo Prints, prints for the Bambinos room. Becky's link-up motivated me to get my butt in gear and add some personal touches to it. I'm tired of it looking like just any little boys could live there. MY special Bambinos live there and I want to reflect that.

Lately, the Bambinos got their shots earlier in the week. This month was more heartbreaking than last time. Bug shook his head no as he cried bloody murder and Peanut (who is bigger than Bug now - not a little Peanut) kept saying, "Up," in his cute little voice.

Lately I've been a DIYing fool. I made a piece of "art" to share but don't like it so I'm redoing it. I'm also redoing a mirror. I already painted it once but then changed my mind about where to put it so it needed stripping and repainting.

Lately work has been insane. But I'd rather be busy than bored.

Lately, I started a juice cleanse.  I'll post more about it next week.

What have you been doing lately?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Surviving Twins

Having twins is not that hard.

Before you crucify me, hear me out (read me out?)

Having twins is not difficult because I've never had only one child, I don't know what it's like to raise one child at a time.

And I have this guy

 I truly do not think I could do everything without him.

I'm spoiled, and I know it.

B starts work at 5am every morning which means he's off around 1pm. We live not too far away so he's home a good 3.5 hours before me.

I've mentioned before how clean he is. He has a fear of "falling behind" and not being able to hold our heads afloat. So while the Bambinos nap in the afternoon (they're still on a two-nap schedule) he cleans.

He starts dinner every single night. By the time I come home around 5:30 dinner is very nearly finished or it is finished. I try and do my part and wash the dinner dishes, clean up what I can, but he's very good at letting me spend time with the Bambinos when I get home too.

Let's not even get into what a handyman he is. We have a joke in my family that if I mention I want a fireplace he would build me one and have it finished before I come home from work.

I feel bad when women complain about how their husbands or boyfriends don't help around the house, don't ever cook or clean, barely watch their children, don't get any part of the honey-do list done, I just don't have that problem. And remember, he works 8 hours a day before coming home too.

He's the best Boyfriend, best Dad, best fix-it man, best provider, best everything the Bambinos' and I could ever ask for.

He makes raising twins so much easier.

And he's pretty cute too.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ready for a Home Wreck?

I don't share pictures of our home much. Mainly, because it's not anywhere near finished. But, it's the first place Boyfriend and I lived together and the first place we brought the Bambinos to spend the night; because of that it will forever have a special place in my heart.

I thought it would be fun to link up with From Mrs to Mama for her show and tell home link up.

  • If you were searching for a home now, tell me what would be on your "MUST" list

  • A dishwasher. We don't have one and it kills me. I hate dishes being in the sink so I do dishes at least 4-5 times per day on the weekends and twice on weeknights. 

  • A big backyard. I've been spoiled with one. I love that we have a huge deck and big (fenced) space where the boys can play. 

  • A playroom. The Bambinos' toys are all over the  living room/kitchen/dining room. I would love to have a designated space where we could hide toys if we have guests.

  • A walk-in closet. B built a walk in in the master bedroom but it's still pretty small. All my clothes are in the spare room's closet.

  • More space and more storage. Our house is only about 1200 sq feet. Although it's three bedrooms 1.5 bath, we have too much stuff to fit comfortably in here. And our house is seriously lacking storage space. We've had to create storage which takes up floorspace.

  • Show me your favorite room in a home {either your home, or any home, i.e. kitchen}. My favorite room is probably the Bambinos room because it's the most done. I never shared pictures of the finished nursery because I'm still not happy with it, but it's closer to being finished than any other room.
    I put these dots up the night before the Bambinos were born because I wanted something on the walls

  • If you could have any room redone, tell me which one would it be and what would you like done? The kitchen and our bedroom. Our bedroom kills me! It looks like a male college student lives there. Boyfriend won't let me paint the walls  or put anything on them because when he finally removes the popcorn ceiling it'll "make a mess." I don't care. I dream of having a serene, inviting bedroom that I love to spend time in.

  • There's a Michael Jordan poster over my bed...jealous?

  • Tell me where your favorite stores are to shop for home decor. I get the most stuff from Target. I'm jealous of all the people who have Home Goods. It looks like people get some really cool stuff there and we just now got one in Washington state. It's not super close to me though, and kind of in a bad city.

  • Show me your dream home {it can be your home as well} My dream home is this one. I love everything Layla and Kevin do. I love all the personal touches they've added to their home and I love that they do it themselves, jut like B has been. I would adapt what they do just a bit since I don't live in a cottage, but they could definitely teach me a thing or a million.

  • via

    I may complain about this house, but at the same time, I'm proud of it. B has done a lot of work and done it all himself. He's paying out of pocket for it rather than charging the work so he's not super in debt which is important to the both of us. Plus, B bought it when he was single. It's a good first home, I just don't feel like it's our forever home.

    Now go link up!


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