Friday, June 29, 2012

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to meet Veronica Mars Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard. I've never really been starstruck but I love her and have to admit my heart beat just a little faster during this photo. They were both so nice and so friendly, I think I love her just a little bit more now....and he's ok too:)

Seriously though, they were so nice. I wish she and I could be besties.

And in other embarrassing news, I sent this picture to my step mom since she's the reason I watched Veronica Mars in the first place.  My dad printed it out and took it to work to show off.

This is my 500th post!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So You're Done, Right?

I cringe when people ask me that question. I kind of get embarrassed like I should be ashamed to want more kids eventually. But you know what, I don't think I'm done, and I'm proud of it.
Only my sister would understand why this is funny - it's my gaggle of kids     via

I would love to have a little girl, but another boy is okay too. I have so much love to share with my little Bambinos and I would love to open my heart up to another little person. I would love to experience a singleton pregnancy, but another twin pregnancy is okay too. I think it's important for the Bambinos to experience having a sibling other than their twin. I don't feel I am done....yet.

It's funny 'cause the number of kids a person should have is a popular issue....but I think it's really none of their business. I'll never forget a friend adamantly stating that a family should have no more than two kids...but she's one of three herself.

People, even strangers, always say, "It must be nice to have gotten it all in one shot." I shift my weight from one leg to the other and kind of fidget in embarrassment, why do I feel like I need to justify anything to people I don't even know?!

I've gotten to the point where I don't care anymore. I absolutely want another child or two and can't wait to expand our family...someday.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bad First Dates Can Still Lead To Love

Have I ever shared the story of mine and Boyfriend's first date? It was....bad. But so like us.

Let me back up. We work in the same building, for different radio stations. We'd noticed each other but  didn't see each other that often. Eventually, a co-worker told me he was interested then we set up a go golfing.

Yes, B thought the driving range was an appropriate first date. This was way back in the time of myspace (2008) he'd seen that I had a picture of me driving a golf cart. What he didn't know is that picture was from way back when I'd been dating C and I was only allowed to drive the cart while the guys golfed. I had wanted to take lessons, but never got around to it.
This picture captured his heart

We made plans to meet at the range down the street from his house (now our house.) When I arrived, he was already there and saving a spot for me. He thought he was  nice by giving me the spot with an overhead heater saving me from the freezing, December night, but I did not want him behind me, watching me. I made him switch.

He later told our co-worker he was, "sweating his balls off" in that spot and little did I know, he  could still watch my reflection in the window in front of him. As I expected, I sucked. I swung and missed the ball more than I actually hit it. When I made contact, the ball kind of roll-bounced no more than 50 feet away. This was not my ideal first date at all but I was so interested in him for some reason, I'd agreed to golf if it meant I got to hang out with him.

Finally (finally!) we'd decided we'd had enough and went to get food.

To be continued.....

Read part 2 Here!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pregnancy: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

Let's talk boobs again.

Holy hell, I wish I had my pregnancy/breastfeeding boobs still. As someone who decided she will one day get implants at the age of 18, I loved having bigger, fuller boobs. I wasn't prepared for the fact that they got even bigger when my milk came in.
I think at this point I was bigger than DD

I wasn't prepared for the fact that they would shrivel up and die the very moment I quit breast feeding.

I also wasn't prepared for how much they would hurt once the Bambinos started sleeping a little longer at night or if I was late for a pumping session at work.

I'm talking, hard as rocks. I remember trying to sleep on my stomach but being woke up because the nice double pillows underneath me felt like solid mounds of steel. Talking to other mommies, I realize I'm either just one tough cookie or really lucky because mine only hurt if they were engorged; some people hurt even if they're not engorged, especially when their milk first comes in.

I also leaked in the shower for the first few weeks. If that's not sexy, I don't know what is. 

Your nipples get dark so that they're like a target for the baby/babies who will need to find them to eat. It's kind of a cool, evolutionary idea. They will, eventually, return to their normal color. I'd forgotten they'd even changed until Micaela brought it up, so I had to check to make sure they were back to normal. They are.

I also wasn't prepared for how long it takes for the linea negra to go away. You know...that dark, pointless line from your belly button down to your pubic bone. I think mine just recently went away, and my Bambinos are over a year old!

And the hair loss....oh the hair loss. I didn't lose clumps and clumps of hair like my hairdresser said I might (she had a client who lost handfuls right near her hairline and had bald spots.) But, I have what seems like millions of baby hairs from the amount of hair I lost after no longer being pregnant. I've actually considered cutting my hair shorter because of this. Otherwise, it will literally take years for my baby hairs to grow as long as the rest of my hair.

Have I scared you sufficiently? No? How about the fact that you might bleed for up to 6 weeks afterwards. No matter if you have a c-section or vaginal birth, you might bleed anywhere from 2 weeks to 6. I had a c-section, I was one of the lucky people who bled for about 6 weeks. But the awesome mesh panties and gigantic maxi pads they give you make the whole experience worth it. Not.

I also wish I had realized how long I would wear my maternity jeans. I pretty much only started wearing regular jeans because I went back to work. Even then, I bought a pair of jeans that fit so I could wear cute jeans to work.  My maternity jeans were still so much comfier and I was afraid of touching my incision site that I relied on the pregnancy pants as long as I could.

While we're talking incision sites, mine is still tender if I push on it. Why would I push on it you ask? To see if it's still tender, of course. Once it's healed, you should massage it to keep scar tissue from building up. I learned that from one of my exes who went to massage school. I massage all my wounds so the scars aren't too bad. 

Ok, so this post wasn't really anything good or bad, it was just ugly but if I had made that  the title, you wouldn't have read, would you?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Heart Failure

I had a whole other post set to publish today but none of that matters now. If you're the praying type, wee could use your prayers. Yesterday, my 82 year old Grandma was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.
At this point, doctors don't think it's fatal but any and all prayers/good thoughts would be appreciated.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lindsay Loves: Long Necklaces

If you're anything like me, you buy a ton of jewelry but most of it's crap and you never actually end up wearing it. Oh you don't do that? Must just be me.

I tend to wear the same thing every day. I wear the same earrings, same two rings, same necklace and only switch out my bracelets.

A few months ago, I found a necklace with a silver feather at Express. I liked it ok, but it had some rhinestones I didn't love and I couldn't imagine paying $30+ for something I didn't love. So I waited....and waited. The necklace is still there and still not on sale.

I tend to be impatient so I searched feather necklaces on Etsy one day and found this beauty. I wanted a necklace with a long chain just like the Express one had so I was thrilled when I found one I liked even better. I ordered it right then and then and let me tell you, I LOVE it.
I seriously have to keep myself from wearing it every day I love it so much. It's the perfect length, the feather is the perfect size and the detail is amazing.

Long necklaces are kind of becoming my obsession. After watching Becky's Show & Tell vlog, I stopped by Old Navy on my lunch one day and found this necklace.

I thought it was more of a light green in the store, but for only $10, I'm still not complaining. The other thing I love is that I can probably change out the pendant and wear the same chain with a ton of different pieces. Now I just need to buy some more!

So tell me, do you wear the same piece of jewelry every day? Is there a piece you're obsessing over?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Save the Girls: Double Shots

I designed a bra last week.

  I instagrammed these pics (Undomestic_Mama - come find me!)
Meet "Double Shots"
 I used an iron on transfer for the picture of Seattle and then hot glued coffee beans onto it. I figured that since Seattle is the Starbucks HQ, it's only fitting my bra have coffee beans.
both pics via
 The bra is for Save the Girls Designer Bra Fashion Show. It's an annual show where designers, celebrities, etc. design bras and all the proceeds from the show benefit Susan G. Komen. I'm certainly no celebrity, but two of our radio jocks design one every year and so does someone from promotions. This year, my boss made me do it.

I had no inspiration until two days before the bra was due to the show organizer so this is how I spent my Wednesday morning at work.

I just realized how boob-centric my blog has become lately.

Tell me, if you were to design a bra, what would it look like?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2nd Fathers Day

Our Father's Day turned out pretty fantastic. I got up early to hang the Happy Father's Day banner I made last year, make sure the card I made was good to go and pulled Boyfriend's present out of it's hiding spot.

The Bambinos woke up and as I was trying to corral them toward our bedroom door with the present and card in their hands, B got up. I felt like I was quietly trying to herd cows. They wanted to go their own direction and wanted to play with the card & gift - the card may have been bent a little - oops!
B tried to get the Bambinos to help him open the gift, but they still don't get wrapping paper, they wanted to play with the wrapped gift.

We boughtB an iPod nano. He's been wanting an actual iPod (instead of his cheap mp3 player) for a while to use while working out. He's thrilled with it. I even offered to get him an iPod Touch but he doesn't want one. He's not into apps and stuff; he's a weirdo.

The above pic cracks me up. Bug's realized he can make himself laugh, and does so whenever he hears anyone laugh. It makes us laugh thus making him actually laugh. It's a never ending cycle.

After getting the best pic of my three boys that I could, B had to rush out for a softball tournament. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a lot little happy that they lost so he could spend the rest of the day with us.

We went to my dad and step-mom's for enchiladas.

Then we went shopping! The Bambinos have long outgrown their infant seats. We bought a 3 in 1 seat thinking it would be cool to have one that transitions into a booster seat but the one we bought doesn't work rear facing! They have 7 months until they can face forward so not we're back to square one.
But Peanut sure does like his chair. I realize it's not the best pic, but it's just so cute.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mommy Must Haves

I know bloggers do this all the time, but today I'm sharing my must-have baby items.

I blogged before about my love for the Fisher Price Rock n Plays, let me tell you, I still love them! The Bambinos have long grown out of them, but when they were sick back in March, that is the only way I could get Peanut to sleep. He was not even comfortable sleeping in my arms. The fact that the Rock n Plays are slightly elevated helped his congestion a ton.
I could only get him to sleep for 2-3 hours at a time in it, then he'd wake up pissed that I'd strapped him in, but 2-3 hours was better than the 15 minutes at a time he was getting. These are the only piece of baby gear that I've insisted on keeping for my next child....and I stashed both of them in the event that I end up with another set of twins.

Puree Pouches - I mostly made purees, but when it was time for the Bambinos to give up the bottle and transition to sippys they couldn't figure out how to drink out of a straw. Did you know the AAP doesn't even suggest sippy cups but if you have to use one they suggest straws? It's difficult to teach a child to sip through a straw when all they've ever had is nipples. After seeing my friend give puree pouches to her daughter, we gave them to our Bambinos and voilá they learned to sip through a straw.

We usually purchased Earth's Best Organic ones, but occasionally other people (my mom, step-mom) purchased other organic brands. The Bambinos love them and we still occasionally use them if we're going on a long outing or to Eastern Washington and are short on space.

These are probably the two items that made my life so much easier, of course there are certain toys and the like that the Bambinos love, I can share those in another post if you're interested. I will be sharing the items I found unnecessary next week.

Do you have a must have item that made your life easier? 

Friday, June 15, 2012

The One Where I Mention Breast and Nipple Too Many Times

I'm not sure if I ever shared it here, but both Bambinos were born tongue tied. Peanut's was worse than Bug's where he the very tip of his tongue was tied so he wasn't able to lift the tip of his tongue at all. The tip of Bug's tongue was free, but the piece of skin under his tongue was very very short so he couldn't do much with it.
It's really really hard to tell, but you can't see the tip of Bug's tongue, he could barely lift it.
Being tongue tied made breastfeeding very difficult. Neither Bambino could pull my nipple  far enough into their mouth to get anything out of it. Enter nipple shields
These are the Medela ones that I used.
.....these are the niftiest things ever.

The lactation consultant gave me some in the hospital as without them, my Bambinos would not have been able to breastfeed and I KNEW I wanted to breastfeed them. I partially credit the nipple shields for breastfeeding the Bambinos as long as I did (9 months exclusively and would have kept going had it not been for medical reasons.)

I never dealt with dry, cracked nipples, if the Bambinos tried to bite down, the nipple shield helped protect me from their gummy bites - luckily they were late bloomers in the teeth department too. I always hear horror stories about how difficult breastfeeding is and how some breastfed babies wouldn't take bottles because artificial nipples were too different. My kids always had artificial nipples in a way so I never had to deal with any of those issues.
Why yes, I did nurse in the backseat of the car...too many times.
We got their tongues clipped when they were two weeks old and could have tried breastfeeding without the shields, but I felt like we had a pretty good routine down, and it was easier not to mess with it.

I won't tell you about the time I forgot one of the nipple shields at home.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Watch Your Step

I've perfected the teetering in heels walk. But, my walk is not the circus poodles balancing on a ball look -  I've got the heel walk down.

Why is this important?

At the beginning of our relationship, Boyfriend would always make fun of me for looking at the ground when I walk. It stems from growing up in Seattle and living in apartments where you have to look out for slugs when it rains and dog poop in the communal yards. I remember being four years old and my dad accidentally stepping on a slug and squishing it in his bare feet; I vowed that would never happen to me.

The habit of looking down when I walk, especially as I got older and began to wear heels every day, is ingrained in me. It's not from lack of self confidence, or because I'm so shy I can't make eye contact with people, I just have a habit of  watching where I'm walking. I've avoided many an accident by paying attention to what's on the ground, especially since having kids and toys strewn about the room are the norm.

Notice the shoes, always heels

One day, before I even got pregnant, Boyfriend and I were having dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Bahama Breeze. They have this awesome "outdoor" bar with plank-wood floors, a fire pit in the middle and live entertainment. It's enclosed by windows on all sides so you feel like you're outside when you're really not.

I was on my way back to our table after a trip to the bathroom when suddenly, I was stuck and couldn't go any further. My right heel had gotten stuck between the floor boards! I left out a loud laugh and wrestled my shoe free. B was laughing along with me as was another table nearby.

After that incident, B never made fun of me for watching my step.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Date Night Hair

B and I had a date night Saturday! Ok, it was a wedding reception but it was without the Bambinos so I still consider it a date night.

I LOVE any excuse to get dressed up.
This is why I got a spray tan the other day.
 I couldn't wait to receive this dress in the mail, I was so happy it came on Friday. For unforseen reasons, B was super busy Saturday so I didn't get near the expected amount of time to get ready. I'm so fortunate that he never complains or asks me when I'll be ready to go. He understands that a girl's gotta look good!

I've been dying for a reason to do my hair like this, it didn't turn out exactly as I hoped but it worked out....and didn't take super long to do.
 I love that I was able to pull the braid detail from my dress into my hair

The reception was for the B's friend from college, he's the one that got Boyfriend into DJing. He and his wife got married in the Carribean somewhere (Bora Bora?) and it looked heavenly

Don't tell the sitters (my dad & step-mom) but we left the reception early and stopped at a bar near our house after. I haven't been there since I was pregnant so it was fun to be able to stop by and run into old friends. I didn't drink at the reception, had one apple cider & captain and we were home by 11:30, but I was wiped out all day Sunday.

I was not hung over from drinking but learned that I cannot get up at 5:30am, stay up until midnight and expect to be ok the next day anymore. I took two naps! I'm fortunate that the Bambinos are still on a two nap schedule.

Playing with the Bambinos I felt fine, but the minute they went to sleep, I conked out too.

Am I the only one this happens to? How has your social life changed since getting older?

I realized I never answered your question and accidentally deleted your email, Erica! I get the versa spa spray tan at a local tanning salon. BUT, Boyfriend sent me an article yesterday morning that spray tans may not be as safe as people think. Yikes!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Vlog EVER

So....I vlogged. I have a few other posts scheduled but pushed them all back to post this video. After reviewing the video I've noticed a few things. I won't point them out to you, but just know that I do not have a lisp in real life. No matter what it sounds like in the video.

Anyway, I'm linking up with Raven and Becky for the favorite things link up, sorry for the almost 13 minutes you won't get back. I taped this three different times but chose to go with the first recording because it's the one where I seem the least like a boring, old, hag. Enjoy!

Fave Things Vlog

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Letters: Teething, Spray Tanning & Bed Hogging

Dear Bambinos,
I feel awful for you. Lovebug is getting all four of the first molars, a third bottom tooth and one top front tooth. Peanut is getting three of the molars and both of the top front teeth. Lovebug is not a happy camper at all and randonly cries which is so unlike either of you. He refuses to eat so we gave you strawberry popsicles last night after dinner. I wish I could upload the pics we took because they are adorable.

I hate when you freeze halfway through the upload to my share site. Don't you know that's how I access my photos for blogging during lunch?! I'm glad you don't freeze all the time.

Dear Boyfriend,
You hogged the bed last night. I love you but you can't tease me about hogging the bed when you do the same.

Dear Seattle Suntan,
I love you. I feel so much better with a spray tan. But why do my legs not develop a wonderful, bronze, glow like the rest of my body?!
I look darker in real life

Dear New Readers (and all the OG's!)
Thanks for thinking this blog's worth reading every once in awhile! Don't be shy and feel free to comment, I love connecting with people.

What do you have planned for this weekend? Did you write your own Friday's letters?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Drunk-az, Po-az, Lazy-az

My sister sent me this the other day because it's so unlike our church growing up.
"To all the girls who are in a hurry to have a boyfriend or get married, a piece of Biblical advice: Ruth patiently waited for her mate- Boaz. While you are waiting on YOUR Boaz, don't settle for any of his relatives: Broke-az, Po-az, Lyin-az. Cheatin-az, Dumb-az, Drunk-az, Cheap-az, Locked-up az, Goodfornothin'-az, Lazy-az, and especially his third cousin, Beatinyo-az. Wait on your Boaz and make sure he respects Yoaz."
 Guuuurl, (and any guys!) let me tell you, I waited a long time and worked hard for where I am today. I dealt enough with my own Az-es.

There was G, a guy a year younger than me who ended up being Lockedup-az, (not while we were hanging out,) but also Drunk-az. I can't forget the time he invited me over to his house only to find him "cuddling" with some girl while his dad and the rest of their friends were drunk in the other room. And I'm sorry, but I don't think you should get drunk with your underage son in the first place, it's not a good look when you're the most drunk person in the room.
Then there was M, a guy I fell for quickly. At 24 to my 21 years old, you'd think he'd have his shit together better than I did, but his job was doing security at a local club on Friday and Saturday nights. He gave up his job at an airline, for what reason I'm still not sure. Working two jobs, I paid for everything and let his best friend stay in the tiny room I was renting for the summer. Three people in that room was not fun. He'd also come home from work and play video games until 6am and then be upset that I let him sleep until 5pm. Excuse me?! At 24, you are old enough to wake yo' az up and take care of yourself, Lazy-az! Plus, I was at work.  At least he wasn't a Drunk-az, in fact, he didn't drink at all, but he sure could dance (my weakness.)

Imagine these two guys living in my tiny room.
I was dumb enough to date M four years later, and he ended up also being Cheatin-Az and Lyin-az, at least this time, he had a good job so he wasn't Po-az, but he was still Cheap-az.
You'd think I'd have learned my lesson.
Then there was R, he was drunk-az, Po-az and Cheatin-az all in one. He was a club promoter (do we see my pattern here?) who wanted to make a living off Promoting, but at the time, it wasn't very realistic in Seattle. He'd swindle people so he'd make enough money for rent, or be able to buy new clothes, but he never really had money of his own. A guy with big ideas, he'd usually promise to pay people back after his investors came through, but of course they never did. I'll never forget when he was attending a DECA conference for his college and asked to borrow $200 to take to Disneyland with him. When I gave him what I could afford, he looked at the $150 in his hand and said, "I asked for $200." Sadly, I still put up with his crap for a few more months, until he got upset at me and threatened to have a girl beat me up. He never turned in to Beatinyo-az, but Po-az, Drunk-az, and Dumb-az, was enough.
You can barely see R's face. I cropped him out of everything back in the day.

Then there was C. He's the relationship I wrote about here. Fortunately, he actually treated me really well and he wasn't any of the Az-es. Unfortunately, I had done quite a bit more work on myself than he had on himself, so I was in a more mature, confident place than he was. We've remained friends, we're both in other relationships and very happy for each other. He was my turning point.
The early days of B
After C came Boyfriend. Dating all the Az-es, made me ready to appreciate C and especially B. The other guys taught me a lot about who I am as a person and what I deserve. Dating the Az-es that I did caused me some pain and heartbreak, but it also taught me how strong I am, and how I should never settle and to always resepect myself. I wouldn't change the experiences I had with these guys at all because they've helped shape who I am today and I know that I've experienced enough to give my children good advice in the future.

The Shabby Apple Winner has been chosen and it's

Gina M!
Congrats Gina! I'll send you an email shortly

If the rest of you didn't win, you can still use the code undomestic10off for 10% off until June 30th!

Thanks to myspace for all the pictures of exes!


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