Sunday, December 9, 2012

Walking In a Christmas Nightmare

I mentioned before that it's been really fun decorating for Christmas this year. The Bambinos still have no idea what's going on, but they'll be able to look back and see them in pictures so I'm doing my best to go all out anyway.

Unfortunately, neither Boyfriend or I own that many Christmas decorations. We have a wreath on our front door and a few lights hung outside, but inside our biggest decoration is the tree, which is how I believe it should be...and that's why there's 8 strings of lights on it.

The Betty Boop  in the top left is from our trip to Leavenworth and the snowman is part of a series I started purchasing last year. I wanted two series of ornaments I could pass on the the Bambinos someday, but I will admit that Hallmark didn't have much that impressed me. I settled on the snowman one and an Eskimo one since B grew up in Alaska. You can see one of the red and silver ornaments I made last week too.

The Santa face I absolutely love. The cupcake is from Ashley who was partnered with me in an exchange last year. The Satrbucks cup I've had for a few years. I am from Seattle, the Starbucks homeland, after all. As you can tell, most of our ornaments are very very new; I wish I had a full tree's worth of ornaments but I know this kind of thing takes time.

All I look at is our mish-mash of furniture...don't get me started.
The Merry Christmas banner I made last year and this is pretty much the extent of the rest of our decorations.
These decorations pretty much kill me. The snowman and the snowglobe are hand me downs. The Baby It's Cold Outside print is from my Etsy shop. The Elf is the newest addition to our family, Nickala. And the big bell I purchased this year so I can replicate the Joy pin that's all over pinterest.

I don't really love any of those things except for the big bell and the print I made. Those will probably be the only thing that show back up when I decorate next year...and Nickala, of course :)

 This is a hand me down from my mom. It's

This little guy was thrifted the other day, but I kind of like him. He's from 1973 so he kind of brings a vintage vibe to our home. He needs to be surrounded by garland so very badly.

Our family Christmas picture. We did a mini session with Santa a few weeks before Thanksgiving, I'm so glad we did and I'm kind of in love with it, even if Peanut is completely stone-faced :)

I haven't hung our stockings because there's nowhere to hang them without the Bambinos messing with them, and I'm waiting for our personalized ones to arrive (they'll be here by Friday!)

Our decorations are lacking a I'm all for eclectic, but we have vintage, country, cutesy, all in one small space and it's just not working for me. My hope is that I can hit the after-Christmas sales and pick some stuff up, although I'm afraid that might be difficult to do in Eastern Washington.

Overall, I don't love our decorations yet, but I'm hoping I'll look back at these memories with fondness, kind of like people who have been married for a long time look back at the first few years of their marriage when they were struggling financially and claim those were some of the best years of their lives. It could happen, right?

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  1. I'm kind of in the same boat... We have quite a few ornaments (both our moms gave us all our ornaments from our childhoods and we've managed to accumulate quite a few from the last few years), it's everything ELSE that I don't like. We don't have many decorations besides the tree. I would love to go buy a bunch of stuff, but I can't believe how expensive it all is! I figure Robbie would just destroy it all anyway. :) Perhaps I can snag a few things on clearance after christmas.

  2. Love the cupcake ornament and yalls family picture is great! Merry Christmas!

  3. Girl I sure hope that the years of financial struggle end up being fond memories cuz they are hard when you're living them!! :)

  4. loving the decorations! I need to make a banner like yours across the window, so cute! And love the joy!!

  5. Aw I love your decorations! Ours are the same way, just a random mix of things collected over the years. Mixed in with some random country items too. (thanks, mom!) haha. Even if it's a mix, having it all does make the house feel so Christmasey and cozy!

  6. I received your Christmas card in the mail on saturday!!!!! Super cuteness...I love it.

  7. Did you participate in Micaela's ornament swap this year? She paired me with her sister-in-law who sent me the sweetest ornaments. :)

    I love your decorations!

  8. i am in love with that santa (of course!) please tell me you bought him and ahhhnold haha!

    your christmas cards are GORGEOUS! you all look amazing, even when crying (the twins on Santa's lap-- perfect! ha)

    i told Chip that i really want to put lights up outside (we have yet to do it since we've been married). I told him he could slide by this year but not next year when Felix is a little older. I'm also in search of a nativity scene. I wish we could hit the after Christmas sales together!

    can't wait to see the stockings you guys ordered. :)


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