Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This Is Hard

The other Day, Boyfriend said something that shocked me:

 "This is hard."

He was talking about parenting and I was shocked because it's the first time he's ever said it and because I don't find parenting hard...yet.

We're fortunate in that our house is small so there's not much the Bambinos can do out of my sight.

We're fortunate in that for the most part, our Bambinos are really well behaved and only throw tiny fits or whine if they're super hungry or tired.

We're fortunate in that we're both really hands on parents who divide and conquer.

We're fortunate in that our Bambinos are almost 2 and I've heard the 3s are harder.

Don't get me wrong, I'm prepared for the fact that parenting will only get more difficult, I just don't think we're there yet.

What I find hard is being in a relationship.

It's hard to open up and let yourself be vulnerable.

It's hard not to hope that this person loves you unconditionally but to always be afraid they love you conditionally.

It's hard to picture your life a certain way your whole life and then to realize that the other person bring in a whole other dynamic you were not prepared for.

It's hard to try and grow as a person and be in a relationship while the other person is still growing too.

It's hard to not wonder were this is going anytime you get in a major argument.

Being in a relationship is hard.

But I'm fortunate that no matter our ups and downs, we've committed to making our relationship work.

And for that we're all fortunate, actually.

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  1. I agree with you 100% being in a relationship is hard, hard, hard work...

  2. Hey my Seattle friend :) I thought you would be a great person to get the Liebster Award. So I nominated you on my page. It's a fun award that you can learn more about through my post. Hope you have fun with it!

  3. I appreciate these really honest thoughts about being in a relationship. I think you and I have talked about how being in a relationship can be tough at times, and that arguments happen, and that crying happens, etc . . . and yet, it's often not spoken of in the blog world. But it's so true!

    I can't believe parenting isn't hard for you: that must mean you were born to do it! I am exhausted every time I leave Milo and Jude's house, and I don't even have them full time!

  4. You always get so real and I love it. Thanks for sharing. Being in a relationship is the hardest thing I've ever done to date. My mom friends all say that being in a relationship is far more stressful than parenting.


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