Friday, December 21, 2012

Sweet Packages From Blog Friends

I received the sweetest package from Jessie, whom Micaela paired me up with for her ornament exchange.

Jessi's getting married soon and they're using peacock feathers in her wedding, so she sent me this awesome Peacock ornament, and then a wooden one signifying  Chisolm Trail which is what her town is known for (THANK GOD it's not the Trail of Tears!)

She included a cute card, some cowboy coffee, two pieces of choclate, a "cow patty" cookie and an Oklahoma snow globe. Her package was perfect.

Oklahoma is the only state I must visit before I die. Texas would be nice, but is not a necessity. Both my paternal grandparents are from Oklahoma, and my family has a loooong family history there. I want to visit the reservation someday.

I also received a really cool wooden WSU ornament from a sweet blog reader who knows Boyfriend is a huge WSU fan. Sadly, I kept the ornaments in the manila package until I could photograph them because I didn't want them to get broken, and I think B accidentally recycled the package :( I should have immediately hung them on the tree like I was going to. I decided not to so I wouldn't forget to photograph them but obviously that was the wrong decision.

Happy Friday people! Have you ever received some sweet packages from blog friends?

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  1. So sorry they were late! Glad you like them. :)

  2. Oh no :( Let me know if you Cant find them!

  3. Oh noooo....that's so sad. They were too cute. And um, excuse me.....TEXAS IS SOOOOOOO NECESSARY!!!! :)


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