Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

There's something about having kids that brings magic back into the holiday season.

I've always loved Christmas, I look forward to it every year - and not just because of the presents. When I was younger, the Christmas season was filled with fluffy white snow, warm mugs of hot chocolate, Christmas carols, good moods and no fighting. In my little 8 year old mind, Christmas was straight out of Leave It to Beaver.

As I got older, the rose colored glasses came off but I still love the season. But, now that I have the Bambinos, they bring a whole new level of joy and wonderment into the season. We put up our tree two days after Thanksgiving.

That's unheard of around here.

I've always been a strong supporter of waiting until December 1st to play Christmas music (I held to that this year but it was hard - I was itching to play it before Thanksgiving) and I always seem to put up our tree midway through December. But, the Bambinos make me excited to share in the holiday with them which pushes me to start celebrating early.

It's so fun pulling the ornaments out of the box one by one and watching their eyes light up. It makes me appreciate the ornaments all over again.

 My favorite part of the tree is the lights - I used 8 strings on it! The Bambinos were thrilled, Bug kept exclaiming, " A khree!" over and over, and neither one could keep their hands off of it.

Our tree is sad and pathetic. Other than the lights, it's naked. Unfortunately, we own maybe 10 ornaments. Most of them are "fillers" I bought the year before last but they're just balls. We found one broken ball as we were putting them on the tree, Bug said, "Ball!" as he tossed one on the ground shattering it and shortly after Peanut accidentally dropped one shattering another. And then one fell off the tree shattering. B kept saying, "I think we had more last year," to which I replied that we had 5 more since we had 5 that just broke but we also had a tiny tree.

But the cool thing is, the Bambinos don't care that we have a mostly naked tree. They don't care that we don't own hardly any ornaments. They wouldn't even care one way or another if they got presents. At this point, they don't understand Christmas so the hand-me-down decorating I've done is mostly for me (including our Elf, Nickala, although she's not a hand me down.) but there's just something so fun about being able to share in the magic of the season with them. There's something so fun about watching them experience the joy of the Christmas tree each and every morning after they wake up. It's like they're seeing it for the first time again and again which makes me look at it with a renewed sense of admiration.

It's funny how quickly they get over it too. Shortly after we hung our ornaments, we couldn't find Bug and then I realized he's mosied over to the table to finish my tater tots. He's lucky I got too caught up in the tree and hadn't done dishes yet.

Have you put up your tree? What other decorations do you put up? Do you have any favorite traditions?

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  1. You'll have a couple to put on there soon, from me! :)

  2. Squealing over the tater tot pic--his little nose is the cutest!!

    We got our tree the day after Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty much in love with it. I'm never going to want to take it down! It's so magical having a Christmas tree in the living room, and the whole room smells like pine. :) I put a few decorations around the house . . . though I have to restrain myself, because I could spend a million dollars on Christmas stuff!

    I just ordered our Christmas cards today, so they'll be a little late (close to Christmas) this year, but they're cute, at least. :)

    I love this season--Christmas music, movies, decor, etc. It's the best!


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