Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fra-Gee-Lay. I'ts French.

Saturday night, B and I were invited to our friend's girlfriend's bar (got that?) for an ugly sweater party. Can you believe it's the first one I've ever actually attended?

We let the Bambinos stay up past bedtime so they could spend time with B's mom, who was feeding them pumpkin pie as we left, and headed up to one of B's old watering holes, The Beachcomber.

Side story: apparently it's a Washington State thing to drink Fireball whiskey. As in, I've had two different people that when they went to Vegas and asked for shots of fireball, the bartenders guessed they were from Seattle. 

I'd never had it and was kind of proud of myself for falling prey to the hype until I found out that the "applesauce" shot I liked to drink was actually made with fireball and not Goldschlager like I'd been telling everyone. And, apparently everyone calls it something different....

Applesauce shot:

1/3 Fireball
1/3 Apple Schnapps/Apple Pucker
1/3 Pineapple juice

Thanks to Carlos at the Beachcomber for helping me figure out the real way to make it!
I'm kind of in love with my shirt. I showed Chelsea's to B and a few days later this one was in the mail!
We hung out at the Beachcomber a bit and then headed on to Kate's to meet up with our friends.

How happy was I to walk in and see this?!
 Very happy. Seeing Colin was great, but seeing him in all his Ralphie-like glory made my whole night.

To make matters better, his girlfriend, Katie, the bar owner was dressed as a very fr-gee-lay lamp
B has the most fun friends, I swear.

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  1. UM AWESOME!!!! :)

    B should have gone shirtless underneath like you posted on instagram ;) ha

    i dream of being invited to an ugly sweater party LOL is that sad?

  2. That looks like so much fun! and i looove all of y'alls outfits! WHERE is your shirt from by the way? I neeed it! :)

  3. Ugly sweater parties are so much fun! I was hoping someone would have one again this year. And OMGGG I want your shirt!!! Home Alone is one of my all time fave holiday movies. You look so beautiful! And I am cracking up at the Christmas Story get ups! Seriously if their costumes are that great for an Ugly sweater party, I can only imagine what their Halloween costumes are like! Love it :)

  4. This looks like a blast! It's so important to have fun nights out like this every so often. What great costumes! B looked hilarious in that vest and you managed to look pretty cute doing "ugly sweater," ha.

    We're going to a turtleneck & fondue party on Saturday . . . ha! Gotta find a turtleneck between now and then.

  5. This is hilarious!! And I love love love your shirt. My sister and I can quote basically every line from Home Alone. "FULLER!! Go easy on the Pepsi!!" "Look at what you did, you little JERK!" Hahaha I love it.

  6. Oh yes!!!! This is great in so many ways....let me count the ways!!! hahahaha...

  7. I NEED that shirt! OMG, the lamp and the bunny PJs. Amazing!!!

  8. Hahah love your shirt! Applesauce shots are bomb dot com


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