Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Santa: A Bambinos Guest Post

Mommy says we're supposed to sit on your lap and tell you what want for Christmas. That didn't go over too well.

So let's just keep our distance, ok?

I guess we should thank you for sending our elf, Nickala to our house. For some reason, Mommy makes us find her every single morning before we eat breakfast. Mommy says she'll tell you if we're good and then we'll get rewarded. We've been really good, ok? Let's forget the morning tantrum Peanut throws when Mommy makes us leave our binkies in our bed.We've been good.

For Christmas, we want the Wheelies Loops & Swoops Amusement Park
Mom calls our love for cars an "obsession" and she keeps telling us we can't shove our cars into the ball track. She says we have tons of cars that will fit this so let's get on this, ok?

Mommy's been trying to convince Daddy that we need a trampoline since summer. We think the couch works just fine and so does Mommy and Daddy's bed. We love bouncing in our beds when we should be sleeping, but Mommy says she's the boss.
Mom always takes Dad's tools from us too. We just want to poke stuff with the screw driver. She says we're too young for this workbench and we might choke on the parts, but we're sure you can make it happen.
 Peanut likes to push stuff and Bug likes cars so can we have this Bubble Mater too? Bug says "Bubble" all day long anyway.....

Since we like Cars so much, can we have this Lightning McQueen ride on toy? They even have a Mater one if you'd like to bring us each one.

We're really ok with sharing our toys for the most part so this year we don't have separate lists. But, Peanut really likes airplanes, can you have Disney make an animated airplane movie so Bug can get Cars stuff and Peanut can get airplanes? If anyone can tell Disney what to do, we're sure it's you.

Mommy says the holidays are about giving so can we help this family out too?

What kind of cookies do you like best. Mama says she'll make whatever kind you like. And do the reindeer still like carrots? Mommy says they ate carrots when she was little. Thanks Santa, we're glad you'll still come to our house even if we want to keep our distance.

Lovebug and Peanut

Can your elves whip up some Bubble Guppies toys? We don't want the dolls and there's not much else out there.

Peanut really likes flashlights so just bring him one of those and I can keep the other toys, ok?

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  1. Hahaha so cute!! And by the way, I would probably start crying if I had to get near that Santa too. He looks kind of scary! I'm sure he's a very nice man, but there is something totally creepy about children being forced to sit on a stranger's lap if you think about it! lol

  2. Love this! Robbie has a wishlist too but on amazon. :) he got the mater mower for his birthday and he loves it still (although we don't put bubbles in it yet, I think he's still a bit too young....and he would dump them out or eat them). Christmas with little ones is so fun. :)

  3. LOVE this. So super cute. I didn't even get them any gifts the first two years- we have so many aunts and grandmothers spoiled us - but last year I had to - I mean SANTA - had to make extra preparations since they were 3 and starting to see what was up. HAVE FUN!! So cute.
    AND I AGREE about the AIRPLANE movie!! lol.

  4. This is so adorable. :) I know they deserve all this and much more...

  5. I LOVE the santa pic! And I really want that trampoline!


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