Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Me, Mario! ...and Luigi!

I got the idea for the Bambinos costumes last year. I thought that once they were walking, it would be so fun for them to be gnomes.

How cute would that be with their big 'ol bellies!?!

And then they quit liking hats.....and it seems to be a gnome was quite trendy this year so I gave up that idea....on Monday. 

So, plan B went in to effect
 Can you tell they love their gloves?
I scrapped the glove idea, and their costumes worked out well for our work party.

I don't know what it was about this year, but I just wasn't into the Halloween spirit. I made a black cat to put in our window and never finished making the rest of our decorations, and then I put up one fake spider web. We didn't even carve pumpkins until Tuesday night!

Bad Mama.

I promised to do better next year and actually put some effort into their costumes.
Despite my lack of spirit, they enjoyed our work party.
 Baby moustaches still crack me up

 B and I went as LMFAO again. I vowed that this would be my last year trying to win our costume contest and I would put a lot of effort into my costume, but no ideas popped into my head like they usually do so instead I didn't put any effort into my costume.
Maybe I should call him Boyfriend Hot Pants?...I just noticed his afro is sagging.

The Bambinos were worn out from the party - it takes a lot of effort to run around all these halls! So I let them watch Bubble Guppies songs on Youtube while B packed up everything to take home.

We decided not to take them trick-or-treating since they don't really eat candy and they still get freaked out by people in masks so we sat at home and played with glow sticks instead.
Lovebug was so cute, every time we got trick-or-treaters Teddy would bark. Bug would follow behind me as I walked to the door saying, "Shh, shh, shh." He had no idea why, but it's still funny.

How was your Halloween?

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  1. I think their costumes are awesome! Simple yet effective ;) Fun that you guys had a work party, and I love your LMFAO costumes too--- especially the pants your man is rocking, lol!!

  2. They are so precious. :) Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters is just as fun as trick-or-treating. Or at least they're too little to think otherwise. :)

    Our Halloween was low-key. I made dinner and we watched Cape Fear and went to bed early. But we did it up big Saturday night!

  3. I love love love their costumes!! They are the cutest little Mario and Luigi ever! And of course you guys looked great again. Bronx was crazy with the trick or treaters for the first couple then he calmed down and loved that people loved his little bumble bee costume. :)

  4. heyy stumbled across your blog and you have a new followerer now!:D

    your babies make me broooooooooooody!!!!

    im a new blogger so take a look if you have the chance:)


  5. They look cute in their costumes and the baby 'staches....freakin hilarious.

  6. The boys look adorable with their lil mustaches!


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