Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Whip My Hair Back And Forth!

First of all, thank you all so much for your sweet comments on Instagram, facebook, and twitter about Peanut being sick. We survived! But unfortunately Bug is getting it now. I'm out of sick leave for the year so Boyfriend's staying home with him today.

There's  been a lot going on, most notably
 New hair! I got it cut last week (on election day)

And then....
It got shorter!

Originally, I took in this picture, and asked for it not as angled to which my stylist said there was probably no point - I wasn't cutting enough off my hair to make it into a long bob, even after I chopped more off.

I'm also in love with this cut, but know that I'd never get it to actually look this way.
So far I'm liking my short hair. I haven't tried to do too much to it, but it's fun to be short after 5 years of long hair. It does take me longer to do in the mornings, though :)

I'm not the only one that got a haircut, the Bambinos did too!

 This experience was much better than last time, we went to a completely different place and they did a great job. Plus, neither of these ladies were snotty either.
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  1. Your hair looks great! Love the bangs, especially :)

  2. Love it! Super cute. I wish I could pull off bangs like that!

  3. Love your bangs & the boys are so stink cute!!

  4. I like it! The bangs look super fun! and i never use FUN as a descriptive word

  5. I REALLY like it A LOT! Looks great on you and the bangs are killer.

  6. bangs/a fringe is one of the looks i SO wish i could pull off. you look beautiful!

    i am so glad peanut is feeling better though sorry bug is getting it now. :( although, the photos on instagram were precious. Even at 28 when I am sick all I want is my Mama.

    look at the twins in their cars! i am super glad they had a better experience. i mean how can someone who cuts children's hair be snotty?! i mean seriously.

  7. I loooooove your hair!!!

    They look so cute getting their hair cut. I think I get more nervous when Jude gets a haircut than his own mama does, ha! I cut his hair for almost two years (just tiny trims!) and he finally got a real cut after that . . . we all went and I documented the entire thing!

    I reeeeeeeally hope that Bug doesn't get it too bad. Enough sickness for one house!

  8. It looks great. My new stylist just told me never to get full bangs, "they won't work." I told her, I knew...I had tried before. Ha! You all look great.

  9. I have had bangs and I have had a bob! I grew it all out for my wedding, but I am seriously considering going back to it. The low-maintenance idea sounds so charming!

  10. I missed this post earlier, but saw it today. Your hair looks so cute!!! Love it!


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