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Give A Little Help To My Friend

I've started and deleted this post so many times, there's just so much I want to say. As I write this, my heart is breaking, and my eyes are cloudy with tears.

A few years ago, I met a woman who changed my life. Kelly is compassionate, selfless and an all around good person. She suffers from Lupus and two years ago her family was not sure she'd be around to celebrate the next set of holidays. The next set of holidays she organized a school supply drive and then a food, toy and clothing drive with my radio station. She was hit by a drunk driver when pregnant with her daughter, a few months later she delivered a healthy baby girl. She has a fighting spirit that has never kept her from her mission of helping needy families, and now she needs our help.

Kelly started a charity named R. Place of Refuge. I've written before about R. Place of Refuge and how near and dear to my heart it is.  Based in my hometown, Kelly collects, food, toys, games, hygiene products etc., for seriously underprivileged children.

She helps the neediest of the needy. If people put things like PSP's or Nintendo DS's on their Christmas list, she knows they are not in need of her services. She helps people who need basic things like diapers, milk, bread, cheese. She helps those that don't qualify for FEMA and those effected by domestic violence, she has a soft spot for military families as she is also a veteran.
Kelly's husband at our school supply drive
She plans hygiene drives so she can do a hot dog feed for the homeless and pass out things like socks, and toothbrushes to them. She does school supply drives so she can pass out backpacks full of pencils, paper and markers to the students who cannot afford them or get one from their school. She helped with Katrina relief efforts, and I know that were she able, Kelly would be in Jersey helping with Sandy too. Her efforts really are nation wide.

Two of her sons, it's a family affair
I've had the privilege of working on drives with Kelly for the last four years, and each year I am humbled by her service to humanity and hope that I can teach my children what it means to give to others as much as she's taught hers. Her family literally spends their holidays (Christmas Day included) delivering much needed items to families in need.
Kelly and her youngest daughter a few years ago.

I received this email on Friday:

Hi Lindsay,

We were hoping your Team may be interested in helping this worthy cause..  We just want to shower her with All Types of Gifts and anything else others may want to contribute.  We are going to submit the names to the newspaper as a thank you. Could you check and see if any of your customers may have a interest in helping us create this miracle?  She is so sad she cant do her annual toy drive with you guys. You can share this with others if you feel fit. 

As you know Mrs Carroll gave out over 2,000 cars for hurricane Katrina evacuees and now she cant find a donated van now that her life depends on it.  Do you have connections with dealerships?

Hello,  I am writing to tell you about one of your fellow veteran Mrs. Kelly Carroll  ( Executive Director) who have served honorably and also dedicated 10 years to giving back to other veteran families, youth, and homeless thru her organization called

 I am sad to say that Mrs. Carroll had a tragedy and is now paralyzed on her entire right side and her family has been really struggling to continue care for her.  She has been bedbound for 5 months and she has 6 children who are all relentlessly taking care of their mother around the clock.  She finally got a motorized wheelchair, but she has no ramp, and she has no van in order to get a lift put into it. 

 Her husband has been carrying the load and they are overwhelmed with medical bills and very limited nursing services. He has coached football for many years and he is a cub scout leader as well.  This family will not have a "Christmas" this year and I cry out for help for them simply because I have watched this veteran lay down her life for the community without pay and never complained. Her family is trying to find someone who is willing to donate a van they may no longer be using or raise money to purchase her one.

  She doesnt qualify for much since it wasnt a service connected disability.  These kids gave up their entire summer to care for their young mother and never complained and the husband is so tired night after night caring for her and working and taking care of all the kids too.  His health is not the greatest.  I go visit the family and the kids cry behind the scenes from their mother.

  If you go out on the internet and see all the work Mrs. Carroll has done you will understand that she exemplifies the real meaning of soldier. She has never asked anyone for help and now that she needs it, there is no one available to help our fallen soldier and her family. 

 Could you please team up with others to help create a real miracle for your fellow veteran sister and her family.  Every year she raises about 20,000 to provide a dream christmas for a family that is dire need of help and needs to feel the new meaning of what Giving is all about and she would still provide christmas for 500 kids as well.

 Its so sad that she was not able to celebrate each one of her kids birthday and none of them had a birthday party and the two oldest sons are in college and had to move home to help care for mom.  The kids 2 sons 23 and 24yrs, 2 sons 15 and 10 years ( athletes), and 1 daughter 3yr and 1 grand daughter 2yrs and 2 grand sons. 

 She has held membership as rotarian, american legion 15, veteran advocate, Executive Director ( charity, Eastern Star).  I need your help in putting some hope in their hearts snd sunshine in their eyes again.  If you are interested in helping this family, please contact us and let us know how you can help and we will give you their info so you can bless them directly.

The family really needs food, clothing, holiday gifts, and a donated van, a ramp built for her to use wheelchair to get out of house, money for a cleaning service to come in twice a month to help husband stay on top of washing, cleaning, medical out of pocket expenses. 

If anyone knows of any other groups, organizations, companies, or businesses that would offer gift certificates to the kids ( karate, gymnastics, sports tickets, movie, etc..) or services that could take the burden off of this wonderful family.  If anyone has vacation getaways ( timeshare) that the family could share some family time with mom this is way overdue. If anyone has a van to donate they can get a tax deductible receipt.   any help will be greatly appreciated.

Because of this, I am going to do something I've never done before. I've included a donate button on my sidebar if you'd like to donate ANY amount - 100% will go to Kelly and her family.

In addition, 25% of all sales made from now until December 20th in my Etsy shop will go to help Kelly and her family.

See R. Place of Refuge's  efforts, these are the links I provided above:

Thanks so much,

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  1. I am completely helping to donate when I get my next pay check! This is heartbreaking and I pray a community comes together to help someone who has helped so many others....God bless you for doing your part!!!

  2. I will come back Monday when I get paid and donate--promise.

    Love you.


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