Friday, November 30, 2012

Date Night

I'd been anticipating our date night for weeks. I bought a Living Social deal for the Melting Pot so, like the procrastinators busy parents we are, we used it two days before it was due to expire. I love the Melting Pot (and used to work there) so my mouth had been watering all day Wednesday thinking about it.

We went in without a reservation - I don't know why I didn't think it'd be busy - and sat at the bar for a while and had a drink or two. Finally, we were sat at a table, were just about to order and the fire alarm went off.

No kidding.

At first, we all sat there kind of dumbstruck. We couldn't believe we actually had to get up and go out in the rain. The manager scurried around trying to figure out what was happening and finally informed everyone that we did in fact have to get up and go out. So much for romance.

At the exact same time, Boyfriend and a guy at the table next to us said, "Can we take our drinks?"

I huddled under the tiny awning knowing that if there were an actual fire I would be in trouble, but my hair looked decent and I didn't want it to frizz in the rain. Priorities.

We were shocked to see two fire trucks and an ambulance show up a few minutes later.

Turns out that they're doing construction next door and one of the workers clipped the wire to the fire alarm causing it to go off.

That building has bad luck. When I worked there, a crane working on a building across the street fell killing a guy who lived in the apartments above the restaurant and breaking our water pipe causing us to be closed for a few days until we got it fixed.

Luckily, the rest of our dinner was fine, at least we hadn't started eating yet so our meal was more or less uninterrupted, and we got to enjoy just hanging out and being adults. Everyone in our section was enjoying the Living Social deal so of course, B made friends with all of them.

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  1. I agree with Meg, you look so pretty!! Also, I love that B makes friends with everyone. I love people like that...probably because I'm too scared to be like that myself!

  2. Yum! I've always wanted to eat there!! But never have!!

  3. What a mess! Sorry that happened, but at least y'all got to finish out date night and looking good doing so :)

  4. Oh man, that would SO be my luck too. You just need more date nights more often ;)

  5. I so would have taken my drink with me! lol


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