Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Comes Early Part 2

After my first Christmas Comes Early post, I realized I left a bunch of things off that I REALLY want.
At $42, the Lorac Pro Pallette has more colors and is cheaper than the Naked pallettes. That doesn't mean I don't want Naked 2 - I want both!

My Clarisonic broke a few months ago and I'm sad sad sad. I loved that thing! But, I'm too cheap to buy myself one, I'd rather get it for Christmas :)

I thought that Kiki LaRue had a similar necklace in coral but it looks like they must be out. I can't do the whole bubble necklace thing so this is my version of a statement necklace. Almost every day I look in the mirror and wish I had a necklace like this in every color - I should probably just buy it.

I've been looking for one of these forever! I saw this sculpture in a picture of a friend's nursery and fell in love. Except, I thought hers was all white ceramic, upon closer inspection of her pictures, it's not, it's pretty much like this one.

 I think would be so rad in my office at work. I have the perfect spot for it.

I'd like it better if it were like this one  so maybe I could spray paint it. I don't want a vase or else I would just buy this one.


I want a juicer. Every since I went on my juicing cleanse, I've wanted one. My mom let me borrow hers but I've had it for months now! I need one of my own. There's something so refreshing about homemade juice with no added ingredients.

As you can tell, I don't want much :) So maybe I should take some stuff I don't care so much about off my first list, huh?

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  1. That sculpture - awesome. We have a white hand sculpture in my office - I will have to send a pic. Great minds think alike:)

  2. Oh I'm loving the I Love You sculpture. I want one now :)

  3. I love seeing people's Christmas lists. :) And it gives me ideas, too! Cari and JJ have a juicer and I love it.

    I'd never seen that Lorac palette . . . pretty! I use my Naked 2 all the time. I don't really feel the need for the original Naked, though, cause they're pretty similar I think.

  4. I want a clarasonic but I am too cheap. Maybe someone will buy one for me for Christmas too :)


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