Friday, October 12, 2012

Lindsay Lately: The Craziness Is Over...Hopefully

Ugh. I hate when I don't post regularly. But, as every blogger says once in a while, "life happened."

Saturday, the Bambinos and I watched the Salmon Days parade while Boyfriend did crowd control. He volunteers at Salmon Days every year so it's fun to take the boys and see what he's involved in. I took a ton of photos, but this one's my fave:

Monday, this happened at work
That would be an "I love Justin Bieber" Poster
Tuesday I worked the Justin Bieber concert and it was insane. I pissed people off by posting on facebook that this must be how the Beatles concerts were. 

Never did I say the Bieber is making contributions to the music industry of the  same caliber of the Beatles or that he will have lasting effects on pop culture the way they did, but when you're surrounded by screaming and crying girls, girls are trying to break through security to get to his tour buses, crowds of girls are lined up along both sides of the street singing his songs and trying to get a glimpse of him going back to his tour bus, that's what I imagine Beatlemania must have been like.

I went to the concert and enjoyed it, but more or less I was in awe of the amount of screaming and crying happening in there. I grew up kind of in between the New Kids On The Block and N*Sync phenomena so I just don't understand what it's like to love a singer or group that much as a tween.

I came home after the concert to find my free Keurig had arrived. I'll blog about it after I throw a party in a few weeks. Other than that, my week has been pretty uneventful. The crazy busy time at work is over, so I hope to actually have stuff to blog about now.

How was your week? I've missed all of you.

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  1. I am taking my daughter to her first concert on October 27th and it is BIEBER!!!! I can't wait:) Yeah I am old - so I loved Daryl Hall and John Oats. HAHAHA - I am not THAT bad - they were my first concert though. I was totally in love with NKOTB or should I say "Donny". HA:) Happy Friday.

  2. LOL about Bieber. That kid is crazy. I honestly don't understand it, but I guess that's cuz I'm old. I did love NKOTB but I'm pretty sure I didn't do any screaming or crying over them. The one I liked turned out to be gay anyway :) welcome back, Lindsay!


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