Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GOMI Shaming

GOMI seems to have turned into the new The Dirty. In my opinion, both are just a sad excuse for people to bash others which can only be considered bullying.

Did I ever tell you about the time I was on The Dirty? I know I haven't because I try and forget the website exists.
This photo was posted on the Dirty. The website's creator, Nik Richie, posted a mean headline and then basically captioned the picture with some really horrible things about my friend. 

People then have a chance to post their own comments.

People are ruthless, mean and spiteful. They speculate stuff they have no clue about and post it for the world to see. It makes me sad.

It makes my heart hurt.

The worst comment I saw about me was that someone said we looked like the Fanta Twins and should shop somewhere other than Forever21.

My dress is from Victoria's Secret! 

My friend did not get out quite so lucky. 

She was in a tough dating situation and people posted all kinds of mean and hurtful things. People perpetuated the rumors that were going around the nightclub industry and making comments about her and her boyfriend. And most of them weren't true!

But if they were? Why did these people care so much?! Why speculate about something that doesn't affect you in your daily life?

What would happen if we didn't give in to the negativity that are these two websites and treat people with love and respect instead? 

Would you get love and respect in return?

What would happen if we built people up rather than tore them down?  

It got so bad that people in Seattle didn't want their picture taken in case it ended up on The Dirty. What fun is going out if you don't have photographic proof evidence momentos?

You don't have to like these people, but bashing them in a public forum does not make you look like a good person. 

What if you found yourself on The Dirty or GOMI? How would you feel? Don't forget there are real people behind these posts that are getting publicly bashed without asking for it. Please don't tell me that if they blog, or go out in public they're asking to be bashed, I don't believe it. What if they are hurt by the things that you post? Would you feel bad?

I think before we post anything online, you should ask yourself how you would feel if that same thing was posted about you or your friend?  

I refuse.

I refuse to give into the negativity that is The Dirty and GOMI. I refuse to try and treat people with anything less than love and respect, which is the way I would hope people treat me. I'm not perfect, and hope I'm not coming across like I think I am, I make mistakes but I'm trying to be very conscientious in how I treat people.

I strongly believe that your thoughts make your reality so putting negativity out there only draws it back to you whereas putting positivity out there draws positivity to you. Who can't use more good things in their life? I know I can!

That's not to say that I don't have my days where I need to vent, but I do it to my friends in private.

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  1. I have known some friends who have been put on The Dirty too and it about destroyed them. All the things were untrue, awful and just SO CRUEL. It's really sad to believe people want to waste their lives bashing other people, instead of living their own. I didn't even know GOMI existed until last week when another blogger brought it up. Seriously, so pathetic!!!

  2. I can't agree with you more. I won't even go to The Dirty website because my heart breaks for all those on there - men and women. I have never heard of GOMI and now that I "know" a little bit about it, I won't be checking it out. People can be so awful. I always feel that if people have to "hurt others" they have self-confidence issues themselves. So sorry you had to endure that horribleness.

  3. They need to buy glasses with that CLICK money because you both are gorgeous!

  4. oh man they BASHED me. But also sent like 75,000 pageviews my way in one day. Those people who hide behind anon in their moms basement spewing hatred are the epitomy of useless idiots.

  5. Bullying is awful and cyber bullying is even worse! I agree with Raven, these people hiding behind a computer need to get a life and a HOBBY!!!!

  6. Well as we have discussed, GOMI is disgusting. I'd never heard of The Dirty until you told me about it last week, but it sounds just as miserable. Of course we need to vent, but that's what FRIENDS are for. Posting mean things about people on a public forum is straight-up bullying and it's awful. After Micaela and Leeann got mean anonymous comments on their blogs, I turned off anonymous commenting cause I knew it would upset me if I had to read stuff like that. :( I can't believe how hateful people can be!

  7. Those sites are just awful! You're right it's 100% a forum for bullies and gossip. What a waste of time and energy. I've never heard of The Dirty, but I won't give them my viewing "pleasure".

  8. I am soooo with you on this one, my friend. I knew a girl that was put up on The Dirty. It's like, "GET A LIFE!" If you ever have to bass people down, to bring yourself need serious help. I steer clear of negativity at all costs...I love you!


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