Friday, October 5, 2012

Cougar Nails

Last Saturday, Boyfriend and I attended the Coug game in Seattle. It's a big deal because the Coug's only play one game per year over here and there's no way we're going all the way to the other side of the state just for the Cougs. Remember, B's a Cougar fan while I'm a Husky fan.

Although I'm not a Coug fan, I still had to be somewhat festive....this is as far as I'll go. Crimson and grey are the Coug's colors.

 I remembered this pin on Pinterest so I decided to try it.

I started with my new fave color - Mochacino. Let the base color dry completely. I painted mine Thursday night and did everything else Friday night.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics
 I couldn't find the hole protector things the pinner used, so I used these instead

If you use these, put the sticker on the back of your hand to get rid of some of the stickiness  first. You can see where the sticker ripped off some of the grey color on my pinky nail because I didn't realize the sticker would be so sticky. This is also why you want your base to be completely dry.

I was able to use one sticker for my whole hand, unless I repositioned the sticker a ton, then I used two stickers for each hand.
I got a lot of compliments on my nails when I posted this tailgating pic.

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  1. Those turned out really well! I've been wanting to try this. I just picked up Mochachino last week and I think it's going to be one of my favorites this fall!

  2. they turned out great! i love it!

  3. I love those two colors together and congrats on getting your pinterest nails to work out (mine never do lol)

  4. Yea you have to be careful with stickers as they tend to rip off your polish :/ But looks like they turned out great! Can always find some great nail art inspiration on Pinterest :)

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh this is so fun!!! Love the colors!

  6. These came out great!!

  7. They turned out so cute!! Love it!

  8. I can't wear nail polish on my fingers :( BUT luckily my daughter loves too!! We'll try this one next :)

  9. Ooh its like a reverse french manicure! Very cool!

  10. brilliant! i love them! thanks so much for linking up.. and something other than a recipe or craft!! i love changing it up!! ;)

  11. Just found your blog and I love it! These nails are such a great have the cutest little family! xx.

  12. Your creativity just DON'T STOP!!!! Too cool. p.s. I just joined instagram...#late

  13. How adorable are those twin boys of yours?! You look great! Just found your blog.
    new follower
    -Mandy =)

  14. Love that mani - great color combo


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