Monday, September 3, 2012

Wait...How Many Presents Do We Get Them?

I get questioned a lot about gift giving etiquette.

People often get confused about how to give or receive gifts when dealing with multiples.

This works two ways, but kind of the same way.

The biggest thing to remember is twins, or triplets,  quads and all of Octomom's kids are individuals.

Before the Bambinos' 1st birthday, I can't tell you how many times people asked, "Am I supposed to get them both a gift?" I could tell people were embarrassed to ask, but it didn't bother me at all.

People just don't know. No shame in that!

My response then was, "No, you don't have to, I don't care if you get them presents at all." Now...I know better. I worry way too much about putting people out and making things difficult for them.

Yes, you absolutely should get them each a gift. If they had been born on different days would you get each of them a gift?

So many of my family members pointed out that they should be celebrated individually. Although there are many benefits of being a twin, they kind of get a bum deal when it comes to birthdays. They'll never get their own day that is exclusively about them. Since Boyfriend and I have the same birthday, I kind of know how this feels. At least I got 25 birthdays of my own.

It kind of works the same way with my Bambinos giving gifts: since I'm trying to treat them like individuals, if both my Bambinos are attending a birthday for a friend, they should each get that person a gift. Most likely, what I would do is get one larger gift for the child and maybe throw in something small  from each of them.

As they grow older and have different friends, this will not be as much of an issue because they may not attend the same parties, but for now, their one friend, Aria, should receive two gifts or one bigger one. That means I created my own faux pas, expect a bigger gift next year, Aria!

And before you say the gifts don't matter, they do to children... and most people feel odd not bringing gifts.

Do you agree with me?How would you handle gift giving of twins or other multiples?

Don 't forget about the birthday extravaganza, the winner will be announced Friday!


  1. I agree, a gift for each.
    I know a set of twins who get a separate cake as well, because as they grew up they wanted their own candle to blow. :)

  2. Thanks for this : ) My kids have been very fortunate with generous friends who always bring a separate gift for both --- but to be honest, I've never thought about the flip side of our giving, which makes total sense. Need to change that way of thinking for the next bday party for sure. (and we decided from the beginning the kids would always have their own cakes instead of a joint one so they each feel special - it's the little things like your own cake : )

  3. That's so funny cuz I never thought about it from the gift giving perspective. I automatically thought of course they should each get a present! But then I didn't think about you having to give 2!

  4. We always try to make sure they know that even though they share a birthday they are individuals. I make them each a cake every year. We really don't have problems with the gifts from our family. From the beginning it was known they are individuals. So far my kids have not been involved with friend birthday parties, just family parties so it's always from the family.

  5. This is a good question, I haven't thought about yet!! I am interested to see what your followers write!!

  6. I definitely think a gift for each!!! Unless it's something big like a swingset. lol

  7. what are the odds that you and your boyfriend share the same birthday?!

    as a twin, my momma always made us two cakes and got us each gifts. We shared a lot because we were close, but when you're younger, you're right-- gifts are important to children. I would give two gifts unless it was a really big one they could share (if it's something like clothes-- def. two of each).

    ps. i tagged you in my "random things about you" post! i wanna see a post about your 7 things but you don't necessarily have to do the tag others/awards if that makes sense.

  8. definitely 2 gifts. it's one per twin!

  9. My girls definitely get two cakes. And family and friends have always gotten us two gifts but when it's a larger gift (like the ride on cars they got- one for Easter and one for their first birthday) I expect them to share- for that matter they even share the small toys. I will say despite them being individuals for the most part my girls share everything. All the toys are community property as well as all the clothes since they wear the same size. But I definitely agree with you that when we go to friends' party we will bring two gifts, so far its only been family parties and the gifts are usually from the whole family.

  10. New follower here ! My step daughters are triplets and we feel the exact same! They deserve three gifts and when we go to a party we bring three gifts. :)

  11. I don't have multiples, but I definitely feel that a gift for each of them is the right thing to do!

  12. I absolutely feel the same as you. They are not one person but TWO. Helloooooo, people!!! :)

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