Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This Mama's Got a Secret

I'm going to share with you, something that I haven't shared with anyone yet, not even Boyfriend so shhhhh.....

I wouldn't be heartbroken if I got pregnant again.
Well, I'd never be heartbroken if I got pregnant, but after having the Bambinos, I kept saying, "It'll be a looong ways off before we have another." I'm not going to do anything to make myself get pregnant, but I've entertained the idea that I might be closer to ready for another than I anticipated. But, at the same time, I'm enjoying my family of four and know that we haven't gotten into the toddler craziness yet.

I'm determined to turn into a DIY queen. I need a creative outlet.....bad.

I count these two ladies as two of my closest friends and I've only met one of them once. But, they have all the qualities I want in a friend and it's been harder to find amazing women like them in real life. Anyone else want to be friends? I can always use more.

Part of me would love to move outside the city and live in the suburbs. I also want a goat.

I'm a failure as a Teddy. We never go on walks (our neighborhood is not the greatest), he doesn't get nearly the amount of cuddles he used to, he's deprived of all people-food (allergies) but, despite all that, he loves me to the moon and back and I love that little guy more than I can ever show him. It makes me tear up thinking that someday he will not be with us.

Being outdoors energizes me. So do large crowds. I'm afraid of water (overactive imagination) but oceans/lakes/rivers are my happy long as I'm on the shore. And, Hawaii feels like home.

I'm way more open in real life than I am on my blog. Just ask the two ladies above. I just don't believe in airing your dirty laundry in public. Not that we really have dirty laundry, but every family has its disagreements.
I also believe in treating people with love. (Most days) I'm pretty good with my friends and family, but could remember this a little more with certain other people.

That's 8 random things about me, I was tagged by Micaela to do 7 so I guess the last one's a bonus? She gave me the option of tagging people...or not. How about if you feel like writing a 7 Random Things Post, you let me know so I can read yours, just like Micaela said, I'd love to read more about you and get to know you better. And, check out Micaela's blog. It's nuts how gorgeous she and her twin sister are.

Don't forget! Two days left to enter the giveaway, I'll pick a winner on Friday.


  1. You were the cutest pregnant woman with twins! i can't imagine how you did it-- my belly is so heavy as it is right now with one. :) but how special to have two sons who think you hung the moon and vice versa. I can't get over their adorable faces!

    don't you just love that connection through blogging? i always say meeting these wonderful women (some in person and some not just yet) are the best gifts blogging has given me. We have Claire in common and I feel that way about her too. (i remember when she texted me to say she was going to meet you, how excited she was about it and meeting your boys) I hope you count me as a friend! :)

    Lindsay, i am so glad you played along because i truly loved reading every one of these! xo

    ps. you made my day with your compliment ;) so sweet!

  2. So much to love about this--you're so sweet! So glad we found each other in this world & have become close. :) I've seen a billion pictures of the boys, but their cuteness never ceases to amaze me. They look so small next to Teddy in that picture, and Teddy's not very big himself, ha!

    You should come to SF for a trip before you get pregnant again so we can have some girl time with drinks!

    But Micaela's right--you did look so adorable preg with twins. :)

    Love you! xo

  3. I loved learning more about you! I had 2 goats when I was a kid-they were awesome!

  4. First, you are braver than I!! Another???!!!?? Really!!??!!! Holy craziness. lol. I love you dearly sweetheart and feel blessed to be one of YOUR chosen ones. :) You are an amazing mama so I can see why you would be content with having another soon. I am with Claire....let's ALL go to SF so we can party it up together. How crazy fun cool would THAT be???? I need it. Maybe spring 2013? And then you can do the mama to three....I mean, FOUR!!! Sorry Teddy. You are a lover boy. you all.

    p.s. A GOAT!?! Precisely why I love you so much. bwahahahaha

  5. Your boys are absolutely beautiful!!!! I love how much they look like each other. It's truly a special thing to be a twin and I hope your boys are just as close as Micaela and I ;) I told Micaela that if I ever have a baby, I want boys. They seem like so much fun!

    I LOVE that picture of Claire and you three! She adores you! I cherish the friendships I've made through blogging (Claire especially!) and always love reading about other blogger's friendship because it always confirms to me that these close relationships are "real" even if we never get to meet in "real" life.

    Aww so sweet what you said about Teddy!

    I loved reading this post and am so happy you played along. And thank you SO much for the sweet shout out! I'm literally beaming over here ;)


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