Friday, September 14, 2012

Little Random Letters

Dear yesterday,
You were awesome. Can we relive the day over and over?

Dear Car,
Thanks for not really having a dead battery yesterday but could you not freak me out next time?

Dear Self,
Be smarter than the car and don't run the radio and the heater while the car is not on.

Dear friends,
I've said it a million times but thank you so much for voting in the Epic Room Makeover contest. I guess there's 10-15 entries that are neck and neck. I really appreciate all of you voting, especially since we've never actually met.

Dear Peanut,
You make it really hard to leave for work when you're bawling and reaching for me. I'm talking, snot running into your mouth, crying. I don't think I've ever seen you cry so hard.

Dear Seattle,
I guess an Indian Summer is better than no summer, right?

Dear Fall,
I'm not quite ready for you. I'm enjoying the 80 degree weather.

Dear DIY,
I've got about 50 projects I want to finish. Uh oh.

Dear Family,
I love you.

That is all. 

What would you be writing little letters to?

Happy Weekend!

I'd love your vote! We're #23


  1. Dear legs,
    please get me through this weekend with my exchange sale and then race!!
    Dear mother-in-law,
    thanks for inspiring my kids.
    Dear undomestic mama,
    Thanks for making me think for a moment!

  2. Oh how that picture tears at my heart! He is soooooo cute and I can only imagine how hard it is to leave them!

    I wanna hear about why yesterday was so awesome!

    Here's hoping the days continue to be awesome. Crossing my fingers so hard that y'all are in the top 10 for the room makeover!

  3. Dear Undomestic Mama,
    Thanks for the giggle and for getting me to slow down for a minute.
    Dear Cousin Travis,
    It was nice to see you for Sunday dinner (at 4), but it's time to go home now (at 11).
    Dear Hubby,
    I'm sorry for hogging the bed.
    Dear Rest of my Life,
    I'm pretty darn excited to see what you bring!

  4. CUTE post. Heater, already??!!! Geesh...still sweating like a whore in church down yonder. lol


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