Thursday, September 6, 2012

Juice Head

I'm not talking about Snooki and her just-birthed mini juice head.

Today is Day 17 of my juice-head adventure.

These last few months, I've been really into trying to get healthy and lose wight. Before I went on vacation, I was eating pretty healthy and even started running (and enjoyed it!) again.

Getting healthy has been a recurring theme around here, but I've been doing it in spurts and not sticking with it. I went clean for about two weeks, but didn't fully commit. I started running again and loved it, I felt great and surprised myself with how long I could actually run, but I gave it up with the excuse that I was too busy prepping for vacation.

I feed the Bambinos healthy food pretty much always.

I want to keep them as healthy as possible and not be the cause of any sickness they might get. But yet, I don't extend the same courtesy to my own body.


I want to detox. I'm freaked out by diet pills so juicing is a good way for me to rid my body of toxins while also fueling myself with essential vitamins and minerals I may miss out on if I were to eat food. I don't like most vegetables. It worries me how our bodies hold on to things so I want to clear mine out. Without laxatives. That shizz freaks me out too.

I'm not going to post before and after pictures as I look pretty much the same as I did last time I posted some, although I did take some after my first day. As of this morning, I've lost 7 pounds and I weigh exactly what I did before I got pregnant, but I'm still not happy.

That's a sign that I need to work out. I realized yesterday I feel better when I work out regularly, even if I don't look any different. And, I'm ok with me staying the same size, I just want to be more toned. Although the weight loss is a definite bonus, for me, this is more about how I feel, how I sleep and how food affects me.

Do you have any good juice recipes for me?

Don't forget about the giveaway! I draw a winner tomorrow!


  1. I don't...I just know I need to get my arse moving and lose some damn weight myself. I am finally fed up. lol...pun really not intended. Good for you. I hear ya on the toned part....that's where it's at after babies...for most. Good luck honey child...I know you will do it.

  2. personally, i don't believe in detoxing because i think our bodies are built do that naturally so as long as you eat clean, your body will naturally get rid of all toxins (thank-you, liver and kidneys!). however, i know lots of people who do believe in it and it totally works for them.

    i know lots of people who swear by vitabix (sp?) blenders to do their juices or shakes. i think it might come with some recipes too.

    i'm all about healthy living and fitness as well. since turning my lifestyle around back in january, i've never felt better and at 36, i'm close to being in the best shape of my life. my cardio endurance is way better than when i was in my 20s and i trained hard in my 20s.

    good luck on your journey!! once you start down this path and adapt a healthy lifestyle, it's hard to turn back, especially if you're seeing results.

  3. Gotta admit: I cannot believe you weigh what you did before you got pregnant and you're still not happy. You look great!!!

    All these posts I've been reading about diet and exercise are a clear sign for me to kick it back into gear. So easy to fall off track.

    I didn't know that you don't like most vegetables!! I'm lucky in that I really love them. Unfortunately I also really love pasta and pizza and frozen yogurt and cheese. :)


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