Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's The Little Things

Before I had kids....

I was always clean. I never looked down at my skirt at work only to notice one of the Bambinos smeared his peanut buttery face all over it. 

I was always on time.

B and I had many more date nights.

I'd beg B to cuddle with me.

I'd buy kid's movies but never watch them.

I'd get to sleep in on the weekends....or take naps whenever I wanted.

I used to pee in silence. Without a child banging on the door.

After I had kids....

I get to experience the joy of someone wanting to be with me so much that they cry and squish their face into my legs causing the said peanut butter mess.
I started waking up earlier or prepping earlier to make it somewhere on time. It's not that bad, just takes some planning on my part or some help from B.

The date nights we have are much more special because we don't get them as often.

I always have someone to cuddle.

I don't have to hide my love for Disney movies.

I get to wake up to these adorable faces.

.....Well, peeing in silence would be nice.

What's changed since you had kids? 


  1. Haha, no kids here yet, but I still loved reading this! And seeing those cute morning bed-head pics!

    I like the idea of "always someone to cuddle" :) And I totally do not hide my love for Disney movies at all right now!!

  2. All of the above. Plus shopping on my own... or with a girlfriend and no kids! Oh, I miss those days. Haha!

  3. Hahahaha....all that and more has changed. But the love and swelling that my heart has experienced is beyond measure. And makes it all worth it. I know you know this...

  4. Hilarious. Oh and walking around after a shower ~ now I get to listen to "boobies mommy" and chuckling in the background.

  5. Haha soo true!! @Melanie is so right- walking around after a shower. We have now hit the "boobies" stage and it's a little but of a shock.

  6. My heart has grown bigger than I ever thought it could. My bedtime is earlier on a Friday night then I care to admit. Shopping for clothes for me seems like a waste of time. I would rather buy the girls cute clothes!!

  7. They are so, so cute. :)

    I often think about the good and bad of being with someone who already has kids. At times, I get jealous of my sister and her husband, who have double-incomes and no kids and tromp around Atlanta going to the trendiest restaurants and bars, have plenty of money, buy expensive clothes, and get to travel. Sounds AWESOME. I'll never have that, cause Matt already has kids. But at the same time, I really love his kids, and it's kinda nice that we still get to have lots of date nights & dinners out & impromptu movies and stuff, since they're with their moms most of the week.

  8. Hahaha I am just laughing seeing the last two pics...those remind me of my childhood when my mum used to do that to keep me silent when I was bothering her a lot with my cry...awesome memories ..

  9. I love this post! So true...especially the peeing thing!

  10. All so true...and I wouldnt change any of it :)

  11. Very true! Despite the sometimes lack of sleep, life after kids is so much better!

  12. I feel like I look older since I had a baby and my back always hurts lol!! But it's alll worth it!! :)


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