Monday, September 17, 2012

Hair & Fair

I did it..

I bit the bullet.

After months and months of people (B and my sister)  telling me to do I, I did it.

So this happened.

Peanut screamed bloody murder from the moment we put him on the turtle and strapped him in.

My plan was to only get them trimmed so they still had their curls, but I gave in to pressure from Boyfriend and the lady cutting their hair. (I need to stop giving in! I need to do what I want.)

Don't get me started on the woman who cut their hair. All I have to say is, I will not be going back there. If you're in the Seattle area and want to know more, contact me and get ready for a rant.

 I thought Lovebug would be just as difficult but nope.
 He was perfectly content playing with the magnet book.
 After a break, we went back to Peanut. I don't know why she didn't suggest having him on my lap in the first place. He did so much better.
 Originally she had it longer on top like this which I liked, but then she kept cutting.
 My plan was for them to have the same haircut (and I told her that) but this happened. Yes, Peanut's wearing different shorts than in the first pic, he peed through his diaper and shorts.

The one redeeming quality of this salon is that they have a kids room in the back where they could play while waiting.
I can't believe I left a 50% tip.

We ended up late because of traffic and I think I was trying to "make it up" to her. I shouldn't have bothered.

Sunday, we had a fun, looong day at the fair.
We fed camels.
 I wanted to ride one but B doesn't like animals bigger than him (says the guy from Alaska!) and I couldn't take the Bambinos alone.
We sat down a little too early for Mutton Bustin'. The sun wiped the Bambinos out

But we still had to get scones so we stood in a super long, but quickly moving, line.
Lovebug cuddled with Daddy.

And Peanut ran around a bit too. When I put him back in the stroller, he screamed and cried worse than he's ever cried in public. He was beyond tired.

By the time we got back to the car, he was mad at the world.

How was your weekend?


  1. So sorry you had a bad experience. Your boys are just so adorable no matter what!

  2. I don't live in your area, but I still want to know why you won't go back. ahaha reason being I am SUPER PICKY about my kiddos hair getting cut. At this point I've given up trying to find someone to cut their hair, so now I cut their hair at home. Anywho, your boys are too stinking cute!! I can't get over how cute they are =D

  3. I totally understand! But yes, they still look super cute. Always trust your instincts, mama! I still haven't cut my daughter's hair in 3 1/2 years, even though everyone wanted me to get bangs. My boy had such an awful experience, too, that for a while we were trimming him in his sleep! Now we found a good, quick place, but he also just needed to be s little older. So sorry!!!

  4. Oh I hate that you had a bad experience!! But they both look precious :)

  5. The haircuts are adorable. Even though it wasn't fun, they are still so cute. Peanut's mad at the world face in the last picture is cracking me up!

  6. I kind of want to cry that their shaggy curls are gone . . . and she used a razor?!?! . . . but they are still unbelievably cute. Also: you are so skinny!!!

  7. For the record, I love the cuts!!!! They were adorable before and now, after. Just the baby look is gone. And I know that can be hard for a mama. You are one skinny lil bootch!!!! *me with angry face* lol

  8. The photos are precious! The boys look so much older. *hugs* :o( But they look great, Linds. Sorry it was so traumatic for Peanut. First times usually are. Great pics of the fair, too. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  9. They look adorable! I'm sorry it was such a negative experience though. :( What IS this place, so I can make sure I never go there?! We took Robbie to "The Salon at Kids Club" in the University Village shopping center. He normally hates sitting still so I was really worried (he wasn't even a year old, but with hair literally IN his eyes, I knew it needed to be done). I thought they'd rush through and do an awful job. The lady did a great job distracting him and he was content playing with the bucket of toys they gave him to play with and he ended up with a really cute haircut out of the deal. It was a little pricey, but I think it's worth it at this age. Plus, the store the salon is in is really cute as well. :) I found it on Yelp and read the reviews.

    I love the fair pics! We "did the Puyallup" yesterday. I hadn't been in years and we had fun (though it was a complete zoo, since it was the last day).

  10. I love their new hair cuts!

    It took us 14 months to cut our first sons hair- His was ridiciulous and all in his face but we loved it. Now we're regulars- I think once you get past the first hair cut you'll be good to go.

    &&& Last time I took Ryan in for a hair cut they were AWFUL! I complained about the lady on the website and the company sent me a gift card. My first time complaining about anything but when it comes to my baby- you better be nice!


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