Friday, September 21, 2012

Expoloding Cereal

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  1. As you know, this is basically my favorite thing ever. I just watched it yet again and will continue to do so throughout the day. THEY ARE THE CUTEST!

  2. Seriously that was so cute. Their laughs are the cutest thing!! And I love how they both got into it and laughed together. So so cute.

  3. Wow really very very much adorable in many aspects.....I just feeling quite blessed been here indeed...thanks

  4. Oh noooo!!!!! This is IT, honey!!! If I have a bad day ever again in my life, now I know how to fix it. Automatic smiles and laughter right here. I love them and cannot wait to get my paws on em. They are too cute. Layla is gonna be smitten. :) You are so so blessed mama. And yes, B is too, I know.

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  6. I'll take some pics and see if they are blog worthy... I'm guessing they won't be, but I'll try!
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