Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY Ombre Lampshade

After the bust that was my crayon lampshade, I happened to stumble across this tutorial/this pin on Mandi's blog. Instantly, I was in love and knew this is the lamp I wanted in my Bambinos' room.  This one would actually "go" with their room.

First, I gathered my yarn. The colors I chose were easy because the Bambinos' room is white, blue and brown. For just a second, I thought about doing a white and gray one for my room but when I win the Epic Room Makeover( <----positive thinking right there!) I'm not sure what colors Mandi will choose for our room.

So, I followed Mandi's directions and started off by gluing my yarn about an inch from the bottom. I started at the back seam so it would be against the wall and not that noticeable.

Continue wrapping the yarn, take your time and make sure your lines are pretty straight as you go. Trust me. I hurried my first one and didn't worry about my lines thinking I could make them straight later and it was a little more difficult than I thought.

As you wrap each line, push it down gently so there's no lampshade showing between your lines of yarn.

To make it look like it's ombre and not just striped, you will need to alternate a few lines of yarn so when you're ready, hold your first color out of the way so you can glue the middle color to the lampshade, (again, I did it at the seam.)
Did I forget to mention that I tried to salvage my crayon lampshade? It didn't work and I'll explain why later.
 Wrap the 2nd color around once, then wrap the two together so they're alternating.

Mandi says to wrap your 1st color loosely a few times so you can wrap the 2nd color in between it. See her blog for a picture. That didn't work for me.

I had to wrap the blue around then grab my brown so I could wrap the two colors together a few times.
I did a few rows made up of one brown and one blue, then I moved the brown out of the way again (using my thumb to hold it in place) and wrapped the blue around a few times. Then I brought the brown back out for a line.
You can see what the lines look like as  I hide the colors and then bring them back out.
The easiest way to do this was for me to hold my thumb on the brown color at the seam and then wrap the blue around a few times. When I was ready to do brown and not blue, I did the same thing: hold the blue with my thumb so I could wrap the brown around one last time.

When I was finished with the brown, I trimmed it and kind of tucked it against the shade so I could glue it  continue wrapping the blue around it hiding the end of the brown yarn.

Repeat your technique until you've incorporated all three yarn colors.

As I got to the top of the shade, it was important to make sure the last line would be flush with the top of the shade. Up until this point, I had used very little glue and only along the seam, but at the top I used a tiny bit of glue every 3 inches so that the yarn would stay in place. 

When I was done with the white, I flipped the shade over so that I could cover the inch  of uncovered shade with brown yarn. 

Then I turned it on crayon mess showed through. So I ordered a whole new lamp from Target (they didn't have just the shade) and did it again.
Again, I am IN LOVE with this shade. It looks so much better with their room than the crayon one. Plus, it reminds me of a sweater and gives the room a cozy feeling.
Cute, but not in their room
 Oh and PS
The crayon lampshade was not salvageable because once I finished the shade and turned on the lamp, the crayon showed through! I even tried wrapping in two layers of yarn to help hide it and it didn't work. I had to order a whole new lamp from Target online. I guess a new lamp was worth the wait though :)

I hope this tutorial makes sense. If it doesn't, let me know and I'll try and answer your questions.

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  1. Awww I love it! It came out so cute and you're right, it fits their room perfectly.

  2. I love this one much better than the crayon one!!!

  3. That is awesome! What a cool idea. You are so talented!

  4. It looks great! So proud of you for tackling these DIYs. Sweet that they have a little bit of their mama in their room. :)

  5. Umm.. IT LOOKS AWESOME!! What a great idea- it adds such a creative and cozy touch to the room! I love that! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up!

  6. gorgeous! now you know exactly what to do if you decide to do another .

  7. That's really neat - it looks like WAY too much work for me though! You have patience. :)

  8. I pretty much adore this project. I'm slightly obsessed with anything ombre! If I could pull off purple ombre hair, you better believe I would totally do it! :)

    And PS: I am totally jealous of the fact you have twins. I have ALWAYS wanted a "pair" of babies:)

    So glad I found your blog! New follower!

  9. This is so cute! I love how you can customize the colors!

  10. I love the colors! I've never seen a pin like this before but I think it's great and yours turned out so well!

  11. Very impress me the more and more I read and see here! I am rooting {and voting} for you to win the make deserve it honey! Miss and love you tons.


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