Monday, August 27, 2012

While Daddy's Away, We Go To The Zoo!

I was a temporarily single parent this weekend while B went out of town. Every year, we go camping with our friends in Eastern Washington, but I'm not ready to leave the Bambinos for 3.5 days yet.

Who am I kidding?!? I don't trust anyone enough to leave them for 3.5 days.

I encouraged him to go so I had a ton of time with my Bambinos. Saturday we went to the zoo!

We started out with Dippin Dots
One lady remarked, "Wow there's a ton of twins out today." What are we supposed to do, lock them inside? They're not vampires.

Never mind that there's giraffes back there. Peanut kept saying,"Duck!"
At least the elephants were close enough for them to notice.
And there were baby snow leopards!
They were so well behaved even though we skipped their 2nd nap it's only an hour. And conked out in the car on the way home.

It was fun to spend the time alone with the Bambinos and my sister doing something fun, but I was sure happy to see B when he got home yesterday afternoon.

The hardest part of being a temporarily single parent? I can't do whatever I want/need. There's no "Oh crap we need milk!" at 7pm and running to the store after the Bambinos are in bed. Instead, it's get them up in the morning and change their diaper, run to the store  with them still in pajamas and you looking a hot mess as quickly as you can before they're completely starving and have a meltdown.

Yesterday when they were in bed? I took my time at Target.


  1. Your twins + baby snow leopards = a little too much cuteness for one post! I wish I could have come with y'all to the zoo--I can only imagine how darling they were pointing out all the animals. Glad your sister came along to help while B was gone! And you look beautiful in these pics--you do a sock bun well :)

  2. What a fun weekend! Looks like fun. Plus I love me some Dippin' Dots :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Hmm...This looks like Woodland park to me??!? Awesome time! I used to go to that zoo 10X more than Point Defiance and PD was 20 min away from me...hahaha Plus now I am in need to go back that they have baby snow leopards! You look absolutely gorgeous!! All in all i am sure it was a fantastic day!

  4. No kidding about the milk thing. :) Single moms, I applaud you. And sometimes ME, because I feel like one.


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